Advanced Medical Technologies

Advanced Medical Technologies had conventionally covered the implants, consumables, monitoring equipment, and infection prevention equipment. The sector includes all products that were the bricks and mortars of treatment and monitoring.

Today the provider, payor, and patients views of the product/ procedure have evolved. Hence, Advanced Medical Technologies not only includes the bricks and mortars of treatment and monitoring, but also the tools and solutions that improve quality of life of the patient and clinician both at care provider site and at home.

Frost & Sullivan’s Advanced Medical Technologies Research Program

At Frost & Sullivan we aim to capitalize our understanding of the transition in the industry and utilize our proven methodology that leverages Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary forecast models, access to high-quality internal and external published content, and information gained from primary research interviews to comment on the opportunities for growth across products, services and solutions for the industry participants.

With the shift towards empowering patients and the clinician in health and procedural management, we are aware that ecosystem has moved beyond medical device manufacturers to digital solutions providers, service providers, logistics providers, payors and technology companies.

The focus is on patient centric health, disease management, efficiency enabling solutions. The coverage includes patient engagement devices, hospital service solutions, digital transformation of the medical technologies industry, artificial intelligence in surgical interventions.

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise in digital health research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:


Learn about how new sites of care is having an impact on access, quality, and cost and what are the key best practices that are being used within the key intervention areas of cardiac care, diabetes, skin health, mental health, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and oncology. In addition, we continuously evaluate how Medical Technology Providers are evolving from a productized approach to a more solution centric service offering, focusing on key areas of integrated workflow patterns, diseases, and patient centric health


Our research focus is to look at surgical ecosystem (operating rooms), critical care settings as well as service solutions, business models and technologies that would help optimize workflow and increase clinical and operational efficiency. Learn what are the new and innovative business models (such as risk sharing, e-commerce, product-as-a-service, device data utilization) that are improving margins as well as wallet share for both hospitals and OEM’s.


Our focus is to identify, evaluate and explore key technologies, services, tools and opportunities that are enabling OEM’s and hospitals to transition from traditional patient monitoring to a more holistic patient management outcome.

Value Proposition

The Medical Technologies Industry is going through a period of rapid transformation and disruption. Care is moving outside the hospital into numerous sites driven by new technology and customer engagement models.

As health systems around the world evolve to meet the challenges of access, quality and cost, we have embarked on a journey to answer the burning issues and its impact for the different stakeholders in this ecosystem.


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