Clinical Diagnostics & Research Tools

Digital Health has become one of the most widely used terms associated with the clinical workflow and business processes critical to improving patient outcomes and the financial performance of the healthcare industry.

The industry is witnessing significant disruptions around new regulations (PAMA implementation, deployment of laboratory developed tests) and move towards decentralized testing (home & retail type settings). Laboratory managers, ACOs and corporate executives need actionable insights to mitigate these disruptions and discover new growth opportunities in Point of Care Testing, Molecular Diagnostics, Laboratory Automation, and Smart Genomics markets.

Frost & Sullivan’s Clinical Diagnostics & Research Tools Research Program

Next Generation Diagnostics program provides a truly end-to-end perspective analysis of ‘white space’ opportunities across IVD and Genomics markets.  It enables companies to stay ahead of the shift to Direct to Consumer testing, track investments in Biomarkers (companion diagnostics) and adapt new business models in Clinical Laboratory services and Lab Automation markets. The team offers expert coverage on a variety of issues including profitable growth opportunities and partnerships with start-ups to strengthen position in the emerging data-driven ecosystem.

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise in Clinical Diagnostics & Research Tools research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:


High convergence of molecular diagnostics and big data analytics will enable predictive analytical capabilities for diagnostic platforms.  Several in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies are expanding their product portfolios to include liquid biopsy and companion diagnostics (CDx) in their long-term strategies. Our research coverage includes tissue diagnostics, liquid biopsy, digital pathology and pre-natal diagnostics and biomarkers for combination therapies.


New business models such as expansion into retail clinics, mobile clinics, and patient self-testing platforms (apps) have opened up several new opportunities for POCT companies. Suppliers are pushed to innovate on product capabilities (accuracy) and connectivity (communication with EMR, LIS systems). Research labs have jump-started spending on cloud, NGS and big data analytics solutions. Our research coverage includes infectious disease diagnostics, cardiac biomarkers, in vitro fertilization (IVF) services, and direct to consumer testing.


Adoption of digital workflow management practices and automated solutions is a key growth driver for labs to improve their efficiency and reduce cost. Over the last 10 years, the industry has witnessed a large number of M&A activities, as large companies were looking to aggressively expand their product portfolio and customer base. Genomics solutions are expected to witness higher growth than proteomics. Our research coverage includes clinical lab services, aftermarket functional consumables, and future of smart labs.

Value Proposition

The Digital Health team utilizes a proven methodology that leverages Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary forecast models, access to high-quality internal and external published content, and information gained from primary research interviews. The Digital Health team provides the content that goes well beyond the basic news that everyone can access.



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