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To achieve continued double digit growth and mitigate risks in R&D and manufacturing, pharma companies must gather actionable intelligence that will enable them to move rapidly from quantity-based, fee-for-service model to outcomes based contracts and adopt new digital platforms to deliver targeted therapeutics and improve profitability in a transformed healthcare market.

Frost & Sullivan’s Pharma 2.0 Research Program

The Pharma 2.0 program is centric to capture some of the most transformative pivots in the precision medicine landscape. It enables companies to stay ahead of the shift from small molecules to biologics, decode risks in contract research and manufacturing and embrace digital strategies to increase the value of new therapies. The team offers expert coverage on a variety of issues including portfolio management tools to expand in biosimilars, cell therapy and partnerships with Life Sciences IT companies to maximize operational excellence.

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise in pharma 2.0 research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:


Due to the growing demand for biologics & biosimilars, Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations’ (CDMO) expertise in drug development will further disrupt the in-house–outsourced balance.  Our research coverage includes outsourcing services, bio-processing platforms, and single-use technologies.


Regenerative medicine is witnessing a surge in R&D activities with large-scale efforts from small to mid-segment companies with targeted therapeutic focus. Whilst the market is loaded with dermatological and musculoskeletal therapies, the approval of Kymriah by Novartis, and Yescarta by Gilead have brought in a fresh lease of hope for previously unresolved cancer cases.  Our research coverage includes Anti-Aging Therapies & Services and Cell & Gene Therapies.


The emergence of value-based reimbursement models and healthcare consumerism has provided a strong impetus to precision medicine. Investments across complex immunotherapies, alongside a strong potential for orphan drugs, are shifting the market paradigm towards M&A driven growth. Our research coverage includes immuno oncology therapies, bioengineered vaccines, cardiometabolic therapies,  neurodegenerative therapies, and biobetters.


The increasing importance of patient centricity and digital continuity is driving higher utilization of big data analytics, cloud and AI-based platforms across industry value chain. This is evident from the recent partnerships forged by big pharmaceutical companies including GSK, Sanofi, Novartis, and Roche, with start-ups. We have identified 4 distinct pillars: Smart R&D, Connected Patient, Flexible Manufacturing and Digital Pharmacy to capture these trends. Our research coverage includes real-world evidence services, clinical trials data patient recruitment & monitoring solutions and the digital transformation of the pharma industry.

Value Proposition

The Pharma 2.0 team utilizes a proven methodology that leverages Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary forecast models, access to high-quality internal and external published content, and information gained from primary research interviews. We have developed a strong network of key opinion leaders and subject matter experts who partner with us to develop futuristic insights. Most projects also leverage our proprietary market models that enable us to develop mid-range (5 year) and long range (10 year) forecasts based on inputs from primary research.


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