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This Sensor TOE identifies advancements in glucose sensing, ultrasonic transducers, distributed fiber optic sensors, electronic noses. Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures global sensor-related innovations and developments on a weekly basis. Innovations are directed toward developing smart and intelligent sensors with functionalities beyond sensing. Research focus areas include: l...
Published: 12 May 2017 Technical Insights Alerts
Identifying and Evaluating Market Trends for Specific Therapeutic Agents
This research service presents the findings on the pharmaceutical market in Ethiopia. The research service presents an overview of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry structure of the country. The market size and growth of the total Ethiopian pharmaceutical market, including six main therapeutic segments that characterize the prescription drug market are presented. A brief competitive overv...
Published: 10 Aug 2012 Market Research
By Phil Harpur, Audrey William and Andy Woo Introduction There has been mixed reactions with Internet IPO's from companies such as LinkedIn, Groupon, Zynga, and Yelp in recent years with not all of them have been having a successful start. Facebook's initial market capitalization appears to be high and is based on an assumption of high revenue growth projections for the next five years. Whilst Fac...
Published: 1 Jun 2012 Market Insights
Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Index for Emerging Markets
The opening up of emerging markets to global capital, technology, and talent over the past two decades has fundamentally changed their economic and business environment. Rapid emerging market economic growth has helped lift millions out of poverty and expand the middle class, creating new markets for consumer products and services. In addition a large, low-cost, and increasingly educated labour fo...
Published: 16 Mar 2017 Other
STRATECAST PARTNERS: SUMMARY ASSESSMENT OF IBSPS Sustainable Competitive Advantages Lack of competition from larger Tier 1 service providers – At this time, the largest U.S. service providers are devoting little attention and resources to the direct pursuit of in-building broadband service provisioning. The notable exception to this statement is Qwest, which has begun to develop and implement an ...
Published: 1 Dec 2000 Stratecast
Michelin's innovative and extensive lineup of wide-base tires covers a high percentage of heavy-duty truck applications, driving adoption MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - 6 June 2012 - Based on its recent analysis of the wide-base truck tires market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Michelin Americas Truck Tires with the 2011 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy for developing a wide ...
Published: 6 Jun 2012 Press Releases
Palo Alto, CA. – August 24, 2006 – E-mail and instant messaging (IM) solutions have been maturing independently, but are now experiencing integration with other communications applications. While in the near and medium term e-mail and IM will continue to experience growth as standalone applications, eventually, they will become inextricable parts of unified communications solutions. New analysis f...
Published: 24 Aug 2006 Press Releases
This Frost & Sullivan Insight Study provides a strategic assessment of how RBOC migration plans for VoIP are unfolding. The analysis is largely qualitative, but includes current trend data on key factors impacting growth. The universal themes leading the RBOCs to IP are analyzed, including market drivers, restraints and trends. Existing IP offerings are profiled for each RBOC, along with their bro...
Published: 31 Dec 2004 Market Research
Increasing pressure on water resources is driving demand for wastewater recycling equipment. This report examines this growing market, specifically the carbon, multimedia filter, membrane and ZLD segments.
Published: 25 Jul 2003 Market Research
Investments in Infrastructure and Light Industries in the Region to Spur Growth in Adoption of Electric Drive Technology
This research service discusses the revenues generated by various Electric Drive suppliers in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The companies included in this study are all major vendors. Research Scope The objective is to identify the major end users, key product segments, core competitors, and the channels for distribution in each economy under the geographic scope. The study also di...
Published: 7 Dec 2017 Market Research
L'épuisement des réserves de pétrole pousse la demande de RAP aux Etats-Unis et en Europe
Paris, le 21 mars 2013. L'épuisement rapide des réserves de pétrole brut devrait alimenter le marché des produits chimiques de récupération assistée du pétrole (RAP) qui sera tiré par des solutions innovantes, durables et économiquement viables. Selon une nouvelle étude de Frost & Sullivan intitulée « Analysis of Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals Market in the United Sates and Europe » (http://www.c...
Published: 21 Mar 2013 Press Releases
Energy Efficiency Initiatives and Converging Technologies will Establish Mass Adoption of BAS solutions
The global building automation systems (BAS) market is poised for healthy growth in the next five years. The key driving factors are growing use of internet of things (IoT) technology, the rising popularity of LED lights for utilization of energy efficiently, increased reliance on wireless technology, and concern for overall energy consumption in buildings. Distributors and system integrators wi...
Published: 21 Dec 2017 Market Research

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