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Executive Summary The need for increased efficiencies in drug discovery has proven to be a significant driver for the study of proteins differentially expressed in healthy and challenged cells. Although the core technology is over 25 years old, improvements in reproducibility and throughput has made electrophoretic separation in two dimensions one of the most effective tools for this purpose. As...
Published: 8 Oct 2001 Market Research
This Microelectronics TOE profiles developments in wearables. Innovations include wearable to monitor blood alcohol content from skin, wearable system to monitor Parkinson’s disease, flexible OLED for wearable bracelets, washable wearable jackets for enhanced workforce safety, and smart socks that enable patients to remotely connect with physiotherapists. The Microelectronics TechVision Opportun...
Published: 13 Apr 2018 Technical Insights Alerts
The Future Commercial Drone Ecosystem Will be Driven by Autonomous Drones that Launch and Recover from Stand-Alone and Networked Base Stations, but Only the Best Products Will Survive in an Increasingly Crowded Market
As the use of commercial drones grows, there will be an increase in the desire for autonomous operations. This is due to the fact that commercial drones are often used to accomplish dull, dangerous, dirty, or different missions rather than subject humans to these types of activities. As drone use rises, so will the requirement to control as many as possible without human intervention, because the ...
Published: 13 Mar 2018 Other
Stronger Requirements for Security and Content Management Compliance and Constantly Evolving Threats are Driving the SCM Market
The ANZ SCM market experienced a slight decline of 1.6% in 2016 (on a YoY basis) with the Web security segment growing at 1.7% (YoY) and the email security segment reduced by 4.6%. Despite the strong preference for cloud-based technology and managed security services, market saturation contributed significantly to the dwindled revenue for SCM market. However, significant price competition remained...
Published: 9 Oct 2017 Market Research
Assessing Market Potential with a Focus on Kenya and Nigeria
The pharmaceuticals market in Africa is expected to reach a business opportunity of $45 billion in 2020, propelled by a convergence of changing economic profiles, rapid urbanisation, increased healthcare spending and investment, and increasing incidence of chronic lifestyle diseases. The tropical climate of Africa makes the continent the largest reservoir of infectious diseases, particularly malar...
Published: 21 Dec 2016 Outlook
Modularity is the ability to separate a system's components and recombine them, where each component is a module. This concept has been ingrained in children as they play with LEGO, which offers the ability to make different constructs using the same blocks. Modularity has since caught on in many industries from housing, to software engineering, to automotive. Every mass automobile manufacturer ha...
Published: 25 May 2016 Market Insights
Historical and Forecast Data
The Cambodia mobile market experienced a significant growth in recent years. Mobile penetration in country grew from 26.9% in 2008 to 134% in 2013, while the number of mobile subscribers grew by 440% or 20.3 million during the same period. This tracker provides details of the Cambodia Mobile Service providers, with detailed subscriber and revenue forecast. The base year of the tracker is 2013, wit...
Published: 27 Jan 2015 Tracker
Analytics, Personalization, and Monetization are Becoming Key Differentiators
The online video platforms (OVP) market is relatively young and evolving. OVPs are increasingly being used as a digital marketing and training tool for enterprises, and as a monetization avenue in the media and entertainment industry. This study discusses key drivers, restraints, and risks in the global OVP market, as well as regional and segment revenue forecasts and assessments. The base year is...
Published: 12 Jun 2014 Market Research
Investment in oilfield exploration activities drives demand
The European marine generator set market is mature, thus, has slow growth. Much of the shipbuilding activities have migrated to the Asian countries of South Korea, China, and Japan. Eurozone recession, combined with financing difficulties, is affecting demand for new vessels and, thus, gensets used in Europe. However, Europe has its competitive advantage in building advance ships. Moreover, oil an...
Published: 5 Aug 2013 Market Research
In spite of the risks associated with M&A, today’s competitive marketplace makes it nearly impossible for an organization to achieve its growth objectives through organic growth alone. Indeed, recent studies suggest companies that don’t complement internal growth with external activity, such as M&A, find it increasingly difficult to provide the top-line and bottom-line results that shareholders ex...
Published: 22 Mar 2013 Growth Team Membership
Expanding to Newer Clinical Applications Drives Market Growth
This research service provides a comprehensive analysis of the European molecular imaging market. This research service includes an analysis of the challenges affecting the industry, the factors driving and restraining the market growth and the opportunities that participants can look forward to during the forecast period (2012 to 2018). This study focuses on the European Planar, PET and SPECT mod...
Published: 7 Jun 2012 Market Research
Expected growth sets at 12.1 percent until 2016 Singapore - 13 September 2011 - The market for contact center outsourcing has seen a growth of 8.5 percent after the global economic slowdown. Asia Pacific has been a high growth region for the contact center industry. This growth is expected to continue through the forecast period (2016) at a 12.1 percent CAGR. In the aftermath, there is even greate...
Published: 13 Sep 2011 Press Releases

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