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Will Deception-based Fakenets be in the Future?
In this insight, we summarize the investments that managed security services providers have made and will be making in threat intelligence services, as they maneuver to expand and deepen their client relationships. To that, we briefly turn our attention to deception technologies and their potential use in creating a “fakenet” within the client environment, as part of MSSPs’ threat intelligence ars...
Published: 4 Nov 2016 Stratecast
Of the 2,200 Transit Buses that Retire per Annum, about 80% Enter the Used Bus Market
Transit buses in the US have a minimum useful life of 12 years or 500,000 miles. On an average, nearly 2,200 units of transit buses retire from service and only about 1,800 units of these buses enter the used transit bus market annually. This Frost & Sullivan research service studies the used transit bus market of US. Frost & Sullivan's experts analyze thoroughly the potential growth opportunities...
Published: 15 Jul 2016 Market Research
Rising Adoption of Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, and Aerospace & Defense Equipment Makes BMS Ubiquitous
A battery management system (BMS) is the brain behind the battery pack. It monitors and protects cells in a battery pack. The BMS market is diverse, with multiple applications that use a large number of battery packs. Rising demand for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and aerospace and defense equipment powered by batteries make BMS an important component in daily life. BMS has evolved f...
Published: 26 Nov 2015 Market Insights
Uber Revenue to Exceed $40 Billion by 2025
The study provides a strategic overview of Uber Technologies to identify and understand the factors that contribute to the organization's success. It recognizes opportunities for key stakeholders in Uber's value chain to identify potential markets that are likely to emerge across various business segments as a result of Uber's evolution. In addition to providing the company’s corporate strategy, t...
Published: 30 Sep 2015 Market Research
This issue profiles electric arc furnace melting of metals, highly efficient 5-axis machining, and evolution of numerical control technology.
Published: 7 Nov 2014 Technical Insights Alerts
European Market Shows more Promise than the US Owing to Higher Prevalence Rates
Hantavirus is a disease that is prevalent in Europe and has shown to have almost fifty percent mortality rate in the US. The increased mortality rate is due to inaccesibility to diagnostic tests and the mis-diagnosis of the disease. This report offers revenue forecasts for the Hantavirus diagnostic market for each of the following regions European, US, and Russia. A list of competitors has also be...
Published: 8 Oct 2014 Market Insights
APAC Enterprise Telephony Market Completes the Year with Modest Growth
This Asia-Pacific enterprise telephony market study analyses the market trends, vendor market performance, vertical and horizontal market splits, go-to-market strategies and major public customer wins. The market is segmented into PBX, KTS, WPBX and IP PBX. This research is based on Frost & Sullivan's proprietary T.E.A.M. methodology, which ensures that clients have a complete “360 Degree Perspect...
Published: 25 Jun 2013 Tracker
Published: 20 Jun 2013 Best Practices
This issue focuses on innovations in smart robotics for industrial applications.
Published: 8 Feb 2013 Technical Insights Alerts
Mumbai, India - March 08th, 2011 - Frost & Sullivan honored Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. with the 2010 Growth Excellence Award in the Indian Water and Wastewater Treatment Market. The Award was presented in recognition of Triveni's exemplary achievements in water and wastewater treatment projects. Frost & Sullivan, through its study on the Indian Water and Wastewater Treatment Marke...
Published: 8 Mar 2011 Press Releases
CAPE TOWN - 3 December, 2009 - Several South African industries are using chemical solvents such as hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents in their production processes. However, this trend is changing as developed countries are gradually replacing solvent usage with eco-friendly water-based processes. Therefore, there is likely to be a shift in demand from environmentally unfriendly hydrocarbon sol...
Published: 3 Dec 2009 Press Releases
RELATIONS OF TOTAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND INTENSITY TO FITNESS AND FATNESS IN CHILDREN: THE EUROPEAN YOUTH HEART STUDY Obesity among children and adolescents represents an uncontrolled and increasing worldwide epidemic. A sedentary lifestyle and the reduction of physical activity (PA) are suggested to be implicated in this trend. Negative associations between objectively measured PA and fatness in ...
Published: 8 Sep 2006 Technical Insights Alerts

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