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This report examines the total building automation systems market in North America with particular emphasis on the front-end of the integrated system. The building automation systems chapters, both total and front-end, include relevant statistics and discussion regarding the system segments and market revenue trends. End-user forecasting and competitive reviews are also included. Strategic assess...
Published: 28 Aug 2001 Market Research
Healthcare 3D printing outlines the medical device applications to the full potential.
Healthcare 3D printing is the next technology frontier in the healthcare industry. This field has shown its potential in recent years and remains as biggest breakthrough in healthcare industry. Slowly 3D printing will be evolved into a mainstream medical practice. Several types of 3D printing solutions have been created to benefit patients across various medical applications. The research service ...
Published: 20 Aug 2018 Technical Insights Reports
Investment and Partnership Opportunities for Enterprises
This study aims to analyse the blockchain and distributed ledger technology landscape and its applications in 2017. Data provided by our research partner, Outlier Ventures, provides a basis for a new and unprecedented insight into the ecosystem. Research Scope: The research scope of the study includes the following: • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology • Blockchain Startup Map • Blockc...
Published: 11 Apr 2017 Other
Moving from Technology Focus to the Human Element for Optimal Engagement and Success
The 13th annual Partners Connected Health Symposium was held at the Boston Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center in October 2016. The key theme of the event was “Digital technology that cares. Bringing the human element to life.” The following piece presents analyst highlights, views, and major observed themes in digital health as well as company-specific developments from the conference. Twenty-one ...
Published: 9 Dec 2016 Other
This edition of Medical Device Alert depicts innovations in medical devices in Singapore. A broad spectrum of technologies are depicted, including 3D bioprinting, prosthetic heat valves, wireless neural implants, robotic-based surgery, and diagnostic kits. Industry contacts and collaborations are also illustrated. The Medical Device Alert analyses and reports on new and emerging technologies and...
Published: 18 Mar 2016 Technical Insights Alerts
Selecting the Right Cloud Solution Provider to Improve the Customer Experience
The market for hosted and cloud contact centers has rapidly taken off, surpassing that of contact center systems revenue. Narrowing the list of vendors to investigate can be time-consuming. The purpose of this Buyers Guide is to provide enterprise organizations with a fundamental assessment of hosted/cloud contact center providers and their capabilities in a single deliverable. The guide is based ...
Published: 28 Apr 2015 Market Insights
Varying computing requirements necessitate a wide range of cooling solutions in data centers
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Feb. 27, 2014 - The rising popularity of data-intensive services such as colocation, web-hosting and cloud among non-traditional verticals, has compelled data centers to enhance their technologies and service quality. One of the fallouts of this data explosion is the requirement for more powerful and robust cooling solutions. As high-density server racks cannot be adequatel...
Published: 27 Feb 2014 Press Releases
Low costs of operation attract foreign investors to the API contract manufacturing market in APAC region
Singapore - 4 December, 2012 - The pharmaceuticals industry in the Asia Pacific is thriving on the back of escalating population and increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases.. Its success has a direct bearing on the region's active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) market, which is drawing considerable attention from foreign investors. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (http://www.chemicals.fros...
Published: 4 Dec 2012 Press Releases
An Analysis of Trends, Strategies, and Opportunities in the U.S. Peripheral Intervention Market
In February 2010, Frost & Sullivan surveyed 157 vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, and interventional radiologists on a broad range of issues relating to peripheral intervention procedures. This study is based on their responses to an extensive online questionnaire. The study addresses balloons and stents, atherectomy devices, thrombectomy devices, and endovenous ablation. A wide var...
Published: 31 Jul 2012 Customer Research
Improving New Drug Formulations and Strong Product Pipelines Expected to Restore Growth beyond 2013
This research service provides an assessment of the European bipolar-disorder therapeutics market, maps the key trends and dynamics shaping the industry, provides valuable insights on pipeline analysis and competitive landscape and offers strategic recommendations for the success of the market participants. This study provides an in-depth analysis of the market in terms of the three major classes ...
Published: 18 May 2012 Market Research
Fabriken der Zukunft verbinden Hochtechnologie mit aktuellen Marktbedürfnissen Frankfurt am Main, 16. November 2011 - Der Sektor der Industrieautomatisierung befindet sich an einem Scheideweg. Alle wichtigen Anbieter industrieller Automatisierungstechnik sind sich darüber einig, dass das Produktportfolio von Automatisierungs- und Kontrollsystemen demnächst entweder direkt oder indirekt den Sättigu...
Published: 16 Nov 2011 Press Releases
This study covers the state of the South Korean Market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, technology, legislation, demand, product trends and geographical trends. Following from these, market growth for regional and market segments are forecasted. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitive situation including vendors' market shares is performed. The base year is 2010...
Published: 25 May 2011 Market Research

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