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Connected Supply Chains of the Future Take Shape as Change is Unleashed from Concept to Production
This Frost & Sullivan research service on the future of additive manufacturing evaluates the evolution of additive manufacturing across multiple regions and industry verticals. It brings out the implications of the IIoT-based connected supply chain due to the adoption of additive manufacturing in actual production. The study provides the all-important growth strategies that need to be adopted by s...
Published: 3 May 2016 Market Research
Rise of the Prosumer and Advent of Smarter Storage Systems Will Spur the Growth of Decentralized Renewable Power
Over the last decade, the development of renewable energy installations across many countries has surged. Given the stochastic nature of renewable energy sources, some countries are tackling the challenges of integrating larger shares of renewables into their power grid systems. This global market insight looks into some of the best practices adopted by developed countries on their ability to inte...
Published: 28 Aug 2015 Market Insights
Key Developments in the European Telecommunications Markets
This market insight provides an overview of key mobile and fixed developments by major European mobile operators in Q1 2015. It offers both qualitative and quantitative information and is the first part of Frost & Sullivan’s regular quarterly updates on the industry.
Published: 27 Jul 2015 Market Insights
Load stress generators simulate real-world scenarios during the pre-deployment lab-testing phase. They do this by emulating millions of packets of data across different heterogeneous network environments. This segment of products is, therefore, focused primarily on Research & Development and finds applicability for laboratory testing. To increase bandwidth utilization, the carrier community is shi...
Published: 26 Dec 2014 Market Insights
Voraussichtlich steigende Nachfrage nach Eindickungs- und Entwässerungsanlagen
Frankfurt am Main, 26. März 2013 - Strikte Rechtsvorschriften zur Entsorgung von Abwasserrückständen haben Investitionen im Weltmarkt für Klärschlammaufbereitung angefacht. Insbesondere die rasante Infrastrukturentwicklung in Entwicklungsländern hat die Anzahl der Kläranlagen ansteigen lassen und die Klärschlammmenge erhöht, weshalb es auch weiterhin einen großen Markt für Klärschlammaufbereitungs...
Published: 26 Mar 2013 Press Releases
By Frost & Sullivan's Environmental & Building Technologies Research Analyst, Derrick Chikanga Poor planning and inadequate funding for infrastructure development projects has taken its toll on Zimbabwe's infrastructure industry. The economic recession experienced between 1999 and 2009 reduced the government's budget for infrastructure projects; thereby accelerating the deterioration in the state ...
Published: 19 Dec 2012 Market Insights
Better understanding of nutritional and functional properties of feed ingredients fuels their uptake
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Dec. 5, 2012 - The growing popularity of fish as a nutritious food commodity in both the developed and developing world bodes well for the aquaculture feed ingredients market. A burgeoning global population will double demand for food and increase protein intake. This coupled with technological advancements that contribute substantially to aquaculture production will help t...
Published: 6 Dec 2012 Press Releases
This market insight provides a market analysis of the laser micrometers market. The need for higher precision levels in several end-user products is spurring stiff competition. Traditional micrometers having existed since the 1800s, but laser micrometers are the next stage in evolution of precision measurement. An analysis of the geographic regions, end-user industries, and competitive landscape ...
Published: 7 May 2012 Market Insights
Booming Economy Ensures Sustained Demand from Diverse End-user Segments Mumbai, India - January 11, 2012 - Manufacturing Companies are focussing on improving the Product Development Process which will raise the demand for PLM. The automotive, heavy engineering, and industrial machinery sectors account for the lion's share of PLM sales in India, with the automotive and industrial machinery sectors ...
Published: 11 Jan 2012 Press Releases
Emerging Countries Decision Support Database on Industrial Process Control is designed to provide an overview of the Motors, Drives and Motor Controls Market through measurements on Macro Economic Indicators, Statistics on Raw materials and End user segments of Motors, Drives and Motor Controls sector
Published: 21 Dec 2011 Decision Support Database
The study investigates the perspective of C-level executives in North America with regards to communications and collaboration tools. Conferencing and messaging tools have high awareness and usage and are used extensively at all levels of the organization. Mobile phones are the most popular communication endpoint. The communications and collaboration market proves to be highly competitive, but c...
Published: 15 Apr 2011 Customer Research
This week's edition of Medical Diagnostic Imaging Technology features articles that include a breakthrough technology for enabling multispectral imaging, imaging tumor cells using activated viruses, and a telemicroscope that can be used for better medical education and remote medicine.
Published: 27 Jun 2008 Technical Insights Alerts

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