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Market Opportunity for Technology Providers to Expand Beyond $700 Million by 2022
Over the years, Carsharing technology has evolved from simple manual systems to increasingly complex computer-based systems. There are now a wide range of technology service providers offering solutions, from factory installed to aftermarket, to Carsharing operators. Currently, more than 15 technology providers cater specifically to the Carsharing market offering operators a faster time
Published: 6 Aug 2018 Market Research
Growing Investments and Increased OEM Interest in Peer-to-peer Carsharing Services is Set to Drive Global Market Revenues Beyond $7 Billion by 2030
Peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing has turned out to be one of the most innovative approaches to shared mobility today. With increasing... and showcases one of the best examples of collaborative consumption today. In the last 3-5 years, P2P carsharing has witnessed a surge... are attracted by the revenue benefits from renting their vehicles out. The global market today has more than 40 P2P carsharing service
Published: 7 Dec 2018 Market Research
Technology Advancements, Market Consolidation and Government Initiatives to Influence Market Growth Over the Next Decade
of carsharing and provides its growth forecasts for the 2015–2025 period. It conducts scenario analysis of the growth of carsharing membership and shared vehicles. This also includes competitor benchmarking and profiles of leading carsharing organizations. The study examines the factors that are accelerating the growth of carsharing membership. It also includes breakdowns at the country level
Published: 2 Aug 2016 Market Research
Total Memberships Surpass 0.84 Million in 2016 and Set to Grow till 2025
Market Insight 9832_segment_117.pdf Pages 1 to 15 discusses the Japanese B2C carsharing market. Japanese B2C Carsharing Market B2C Carsharing Market Mobile Network Consolidation in Europe 9832-18 August 2016 Japanese B2C Car Sharing...% 60% 80% 100% 2013 2016 Share by Membership Yea r Times Car Plus Orix Carshare Careco Other 10 9832-18
Published: 17 Aug 2016 Market Insights
Published: 23 Mar 2017 Best Practices
Changing Consumer Habits, Cost Saving Potential, and Enabling Technology Aid Growth
This research service offers a strategic insight into the peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing market, with snapshots of the emerging business models associated with traditional and P2P carsharing. The study examines the growth of carsharing from 2013, and provides growth... are accelerating the growth of P2P carsharing membership. It also includes breakdowns at the country level and offers insights into key
Published: 15 Jun 2015 Market Research
Sustained Growth Leads to Continued Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Territorial Expansion
The study offers a strategic insight into the global traditional carsharing market, with snapshots of the emerging segments of corporate and peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing. The study examines the growth of carsharing over the past few years, and provides 2014 growth... accelerating the growth of carsharing membership, including the evolving business models of rental companies, original equipment
Published: 21 Aug 2014 Market Research
Published: 13 Nov 2015 Best Practices
Nearly 85,000 Vehicles in Corporate Carsharing Fleets by 2020
This research service defines and quantifies the market for the growing corporate preference towards corporate carsharing—placing... and payment often supplied as a value-added service from the corporate carsharing operator. In this study, Frost & Sullivan compares the different service levels offered by leasing and traditional carsharing-based business models; it also outlines in detail the benefits
Published: 25 Apr 2014 Mega Trends
With a 52% growth in members and considerable investment in 2013, carsharing is becoming a mainstream Urban Mobility solution, but policy support is required to allow the market growth to continue. Introduction The carsharing market continued to grow at a rapid pace 2013, so much so that 2013 is being referred to amongst the industry and associations as the year that carsharing and shared
Published: 4 Jul 2014 Market Insights
Shared Mobility Poised to Change How People Travel as Operator Consolidation and Expansion, Government Support, and Multi-modal Solutions Emerge as Top Trends
7 collaborative business models—carsharing, peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing, corporate carsharing, eHailing, ridesharing, dynamic... updating their offerings to provide a more holistic customer experience. Geographic Scope: For the carsharing, P2P carsharing, corporate carsharing, dynamic shuttle, integrated mobility, and eHailing market segments, the geographic scope covered is global while
Published: 23 Apr 2018 Market Research
Carsharing Remains a Niche Transportation Solution
This research service provides a detailed analysis of the carsharing market in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and specific countries discussed include Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. The advantages and disadvantages of carsharing are discussed, along..., and key carsharing locations. Also included is an overview of primary stakeholders in the carsharing business model that includes
Published: 10 Jul 2012 Mega Trends

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