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Interactive Dashboard for Rail OEMs, Rail Operators, and Vendors
This research service covers all types of urban rail transit vehicles and rolling stock around the world. The vehicles are listed by region, sub-region, country, city, transit agency, transit classification (Metro, light rail, automated people mover, monorail, streetcar, heritage streetcar, automated guideways), number of lines, length of lines, number of vehicles, manufacturer of vehicles, age
Published: 5 May 2017 Market Research
New Bearing Deliveries and Aftermarket Services for Rail Vehicles to Create a Total Market Potential of $2.34 Billion in the Rail Axle Bearings Market Between 2018 and 2024
. Lowering noise levels and vibrations, high load carrying capacities, and long life are the expectations of bearings in rail. Rail axle... passenger rail and continuous growth of freight volumes, which would result in the increase in the intermodal share for freight rail... for existing fleet of freight carriers, including rail. Growing need for reduced emissions and avoiding traffic congestion are driving people
Published: 20 Jul 2018 Market Research
Passenger Rail Connectivity Market is Expected to be Valued at $9.77 Billion from the Period 2017 to 2025
of change. Rail is becoming the favoured choice as cities seek the most economical and fuel-efficient modes of travel. Western Europe is the largest market followed by North America and Eastern Europe in the passenger rail connectivity market. Rail connectivity is still an emerging market, with a significantly large portion of rail assets remaining to be connected. Passenger rail connectivity
Published: 26 Dec 2018 Market Research
By 2020, the Indian Railways Will Invest Over $100 Billion to Create Transformational Digital Change
This market insight provides an outlook of the growth opportunities for the rail industry in India. Ambitious government plans coupled with unprecedented levels of foreign investment are leading to a complete overhaul of the rail environment in India. Over 39 cities are planning to invest in expansive urban rail networks to address severe traffic congestion problems. High-speed rail
Published: 29 Jul 2016 Market Insights
Transformational Shifts in Vehicle Automation and Digitalization to Shape the Future of the Rail Market
This study analyzes the nature and the development of various business models and solutions launched by rail manufacturers, operators, and other service providers that are disrupting the rail market. It contains profiles of key participants and case studies of evolving business models in the market. The study also examines factors that will accelerate the growth of the rail market and how
Published: 31 Aug 2016 Market Research
As Applications Become Increasingly Microprocessor Based, Need for Reliable and Consistent Power Turns Crucial
din rail surge protection devices (SPD) is seen as real estate becomes a critical part of systems. The US din rail SPD market... this study is on multiple end-user segments for which din rail technology has been historically well suited and commonly used. The applications driving growth for din rail SPD include PV, wind, PLC, HVAC, IT/data centers, medical equipment, security systems, motor
Published: 17 Oct 2016 Market Insights
Spiralling Consumer and Business Connectivity Demands Galvanize Growth, ThalysNet in France and Tokaido Shinkansen in Japan Among World's Top High-speed Rail Networks Offering Internet Connectivity
Globally, trains are one of the most popular modes of transport and users of high-speed rails demand reliable and secure broadband Internet access. Two of the world's top high-speed rail networks, one in Europe and one in Japan, now offer Internet access... in high-speed rails. Emerging markets, proliferation of local content, and applications will contribute significantly to the demand
Published: 17 May 2016 Market Insights
Key Features, Lessons and Best Practices From Selected Countries in APAC and Europe
to increase to 80.4 % by 2025. Development of High Speed Rail network has demonstrated success in terms providing energy efficient inter... to identify synergies with local players, attract talents, and bridge the skill gap is essential to build a sustainable high-speed rail
Published: 26 Jul 2018 Other
Fueled by Consolidation and Competition for High-value Greenfield Infrastructure Projects, Locomotives, Passenger Coaches and Multiple Units to Experience Strong Orders
This deliverable provides an outlook of growth opportunities in the global rail market. The study discusses key trends, market drivers, opportunities, regional influences, and market dynamics and provides market sizes for infrastructure and rolling stock... America) are provided for ridership, freight traffic, network length, rail electrification, and installed bases for locomotives
Published: 14 Mar 2016 Outlook
Key Trends and Implications
This strategic analysis provides an insight into the growth opportunities in Southeast Asia’s rail market in emerging countries. The study discusses key trends, mega trends implications, market drivers and restraints, opportunities, market size, and future rail... country’s rail network, mainline rolling stock, and rail signaling systems. The study also highlights competitive factors and competitor
Published: 30 Sep 2015 Market Insights
Freight Flows in India to be Revolutionised With Modern Facilities and State-of-the-art Equipment
INR 90,000 crore per year. • Temperature sensitive commodities are currently almost non-existent in rail freight movements. Key... to rail will allow for more efficient aggregation and distribution of freight. As more shippers start moving to rail, it will create new services such as ―uberisation‖ of reefer capacities. • Around 60% shift of freight transport from road to rail will reduce
Published: 18 Dec 2018 Market Research
Database for Rail Operators and Vendors
Frost & Sullivan's automotive and transportation practice recently launched the Strategic Dashboard of Investment in Rail Infrastructure and Rolling Stock in Europe 2014–2020 which functions as both a complete database and an analytical solution. It can be used for analysis, forecasts, and to strategize on outlook. The database is organized and built bottom up by country, railway company
Published: 29 Jun 2015 Market Research

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