Customers Attest to the Value of Flexible Independent Messaging Solutions

Published: 5 Jul 2007

By Elka Popova, Director, Global Enterprise Communications

AVST's CallXpress: an Advanced Solution for an Evolving Marketplace

Many businesses have multiple telephony systems from different vendors and are facing various integration issues when trying to deliver a single set of communication applications enterprise-wide. Such customers truly appreciate the ability to deploy a messaging solution that integrates with different telephony systems and offers advanced capabilities at the same time. Cost-effective solutions that meet all these needs are, therefore, likely to gain the greatest traction in the marketplace.

Chart 1.1 shows some of the challenges that businesses face in adopting new IT and telecom solutions. It is obvious that limited budgets and high prices of advanced technologies represent a major barrier to adopting new technologies. However, a quarter of all respondents also stated that interoperability with existing equipment is a significant factor as well.

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In such scenarios, companies like AVST with its CallXpress solution can offer the best solution.

AVST has evolved over the years adjusting its products and business model to meet evolving customer needs, but it has remained true to its principle of offering solutions that provide customers with maximum integration flexibility by being completely PBX-independent and supporting virtually every type of groupware on the market today. AVST first gained market recognition as AVT, later changed its name to Captaris and eventually became AVST. Currently, AVST ranks sixth in the North American unified messaging market in terms of revenues, which shows that it is offering considerable value to customers as it is surpassed only by giant incumbents such as Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens and Active Voice/NEC.

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