Movers & Shakers Interview with Mr Sim Cheng Hwee, Managing Director of IDSC Pte Ltd

Published: 23 Aug 2007

Mr. Sim Cheng Hwee, Managing Director of IDSC

Prior to founding IDSC in April 1996, Mr Sim oversaw operations research (OR) work in Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, where he was involved in developing policies, systems, and processes. He studied at Yokohama National University under Japan’s Mombusho Scholarship and holds an M.Sc. (with Distinction) from the US Naval Postgraduate School. Mr Sim is the Secretary of the Association of Asia Pacific OR Societies (APORS) Council 2007 to 2009, and an ex President of the OR Society of Singapore.

Frost & Sullivan (China) Industry Analyst Amelia Wong interviewed Mr. Sim.



Amelia Wong (AW): Can you give us an overview of your company?

Mr. Sim (Sim Cheng Hwee): IDSC specializes in the niche area of operations research/ management science (OR/MS), which is the application of scientific methods such as optimization, simulation, and analysis to help decision makers structure and solve problems, gain insight into complex problems fraught with uncertainty, and facilitate the decision-making process for better individual or group outcome. When encoded as software, OR/MS becomes known as decision technology, which rationally transforms information provided by IT systems into decision recommendations.

As organizations that are facing globalization and competitive pressures, they are realising that they need to go beyond integrated information toward integrated decision support to be more effective and efficient and to get their people to pull synergistically in the desired direction. This need is especially high in resource-scarce Singapore, where we had successfully helped the military and the civil services to develop innovative planning solutions to tackle ammunition logistics and human resource issues, respectively. We have also helped many multinational corporations re-design their supply chains and logistics systems as well.

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