Movers and Shakers Interview Fulton Innovation LLC

Published: 28 Nov 2007

eCoupled wireless technology from Fulton Innovation LLC
eCoupled™ Fulton Innovation LLC Alticor Inc.

Vishal Sapru (VS), Industry Manager for the Power Systems Group and Anu Cherian(AC), Industry Analyst with the Power Systems Group had the opportunity to interview Fulton Innovation (FI) about eCoupled Technology.  Here are some of the key discussions in the interview.





(VS):  eCoupled Technology, as your website states, is “intelligent wireless power”. Could you, in a few words, introduce the company as well as the markets that you consider as primary targets for the company?

(FI):  Let us start at a very high level and then work into some of the details of that question.  Fulton Innovation is a new division within the Alticor family of companies.  Alticor is a $6.5 billion company based in Ada, Michigan near Grand Rapids.  You might know Alticor as the parent company of Amway.  Fulton Innovation was formed over a year ago to license the new and innovative technologies that we have developed in the Advanced Technology R&D departments within Alticor.  So, Fulton Innovation is a licensing organization and a technology solutions provider.  One of the technologies we developed internally is a wireless power delivery method that we have trademarked as “eCoupled”.  It was developed, tested, and incorporated into one of Alticor’s eSpring™ water purification systems to allow for the elimination of cords and connectors, simplify design, increase reliability, and lower production costs.  The technology is very disruptive and revolutionary since we see applications in virtually all industries that use power.  Some are more obvious than others. To eliminate cords, connectors, and improve the safety of power delivery to a variety of devices, eCoupled Technology is basically, as our website states, “intelligent wireless power”.  It is based on inductive coupling which has been around since the late 1800’s.  While inductive coupling itself is not necessarily new, what is new is the way that we identify, seek resonance, and adapt power delivery to optimize power transfer and maximize efficiency.  Using our advanced knowledge of electronics and electromagnetic properties, we can provide power from a primary power source to a secondary device at efficiency levels never before achieved.  Fulton Innovation has roughly 200 patents around eCoupled technology - 60 in the US now and over 200 internationally.  We had 20 new patents in the first half of this year alone.  We continue to expand the breadth and depth of the technology because much of its advancement is based on our own testing, experience, and design knowledge.  The technology, as we discussed, is very adaptable and can be applied to a wide range of design solutions across dozens of industries.  Consumer electronics would be one example of a very large industry (a couple $100 million in the US alone) and, in that application, we are looking at a new universal ubiquitous way of providing power without cords or connectors to a variety of devices and within ecosystems where interoperability is important.  We want our cell phones, PDAs, music players, digital cameras, and GPS devices to move seamlessly from our homes, to our cars, to our offices, and have them charge or power directly as we move across these environments.  In an ecosystem such as your car, you might have a universal charging platform built into the glove box or armrest whereby you could simply drop a variety of devices into it and have them all charge simultaneously.  So, in multiple environments, we can provide power universally to a variety of devices.

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