Movers & Shakers Interview with Frank P. Paniagua, Founder and CEO of Green Plug, Inc.

Published: 19 May 2008

Frank P. Paniagua, Jr., Founder and CEO, Green Plug, Inc.

Green Plug provides enabling technology that makes any electronic product able to get power from any power supply. Each product has a unique voltage and current requirement. Originally for safety, external power supplies have been designed with incompatible connectors and are useful for only one product and they wind up being discarded even though they are in perfect working condition. Technology now exists that addresses safety concerns and goes far beyond. Green PlugTM-based power supplies address the broad range of power requirements through digital communication that provides a superior power charging experience, reduces costs and solves important consumer convenience and solid waste issues. The power model is broken today – one power supply for each device is not a sustainable model for the future.

Green PlugTM-enabled devices request power from universal power supplies that are capable of delivering device-specific power requirements. All Green PlugTM-enabled devices utilize uniform cables and connectors; so, you never have to worry about finding the right adapter for your laptop, DV camera, cell phone or power tool. And, since Green PlugTM–based power supplies serve power to any device, you NEVER need to throw adapters away when you get a new laptop, cell phone or any battery-powered device.

Green Plug licenses free of charge its universal power connector design and GreentalkTM firmware for any product that wishes to eliminate the need for a proprietary, device-specific power adapter or battery charger. The company’s wishes to make it easy and affordable for products to quickly adopt a truly universal and safe power model. Green Plug makes money on the inclusion of its technology in power supplies and not on the electronic devices that need them. Green PlugTM-based power supplies:

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