Movers and Shakers Interview with Avocado Security-CEO Kevin Shahbazi

Published: 30 May 2008

CEO of Avocado Security Kevin Shahbazi
Over the past 2 years, there has been buzz in the security industry to integrate different technologies into a complete solution. The focus has been on integrating video surveillance with access control, video over IP networks, and physical and logical security. Avocado Security has taken a unique approach to integration: the integration of video surveillance and business intelligence. In the latest series of Movers & Shakers interviews, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Dilip Sarangan speaks with Kevin Shahbazi, Co-founder and CEO of Avocado Security to understand what differentiates his company from other software developers for video surveillance.

DS: There have been several changes in the last 12 months in the security industry. Can you share some of your highlights in the past year?

K: There are 4 primary areas where we believe, fundamentally we have completed since we started 3 years ago. First part is product development, innovation, marketing and roll out. In product development, we gained our strength and expertise from the fact that, as a team, we developed more than 9 security products, all of them for the enterprise and focusing on enterprise security network management and security management. These are the different areas where we have developed products. Passionately we took about two and a half years to develop Avocado securities platform, and we believe, in our estimation, that we have satisfied our own goals, set a release date and announced the products.

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