Trusteer: Rethinking the Battle Plan

Published: 17 Jun 2008


Fighting malware is one of the more complex and ongoing battles in the information security world today. Many anti-malware vendors work non-stop to identify new attacks and release patches. At the end of the day, the main question is "how effective is this system?" The malware creators seem to have the upper hand, leaving both the vendors and the end users playing catch-up.

The main disadvantage of anti-malware security solutions to date is the simple fact that there are too many new malware attacks per day, much more then what the anti-malware vendors can analyze, crack and issue a patch for in a sufficient time frame.

The anti-malware vendors are not disputing this fact, Ryan Sherstobitoff, chief corporate evangelist for Panda Security said on October 2007, "With over 4,000 new strains of malware being detected by PandaLabs each day, it is nearly impossible for even the most sophisticated anti-virus tools to protect against them."

Another quote that illustrates the fact above comes from Symantec. Carey Nachenberg from Symantec Research Labs said on December 2007 that "The reality is that most new malware is going undetected by commercial security products, and not just Symantec's, but we have to recognize that like all other AV products we are probably missing a sizeable amount of this malware."

A new approach to the war on malware comes from an Israeli based startup named Trusteer.


Trusteer is a privately owned company established in 2006 and now employs over 20 people. Trusteer's first software solution is called Rapport and is designed to secure transactions and information from the end users computer to the target website. This new approach makes the basic assumption that the end user's computer will always have active malware scripts and applications.

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