Role of Middleware Companies in the Biometrics Industry

Published: 3 Mar 2009

By Neelima Sagar

In the current digital world, protecting networks with only passwords is no longer an intelligent choice. With increase in enterprise communications and on-line transactions, there is a need for convenient security solution to ensure only the authorized people have access to sensitive data. The advancement of technology has provided end users the convenience of business transactions over a publicly accessible shared network, and thereby enabled customers the access to corporate networks. However, inadequate security has led to fraudulent activities, thefts, and financial losses. Biometrics has emerged as a most secured and convenient solution for meeting these enterprise security needs.

Biometrics is automated techniques designed to verify or identify people by their physical or behavioral characteristics. The most commonly used biometric technologies are fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, hand geometry, voice verification, and signature verification technologies. Biometric technologies have reached a point, where commercial applicability is viable due to their becoming more reliable, affordable, and accurate. An unauthorized user can fraudulently swipe someone's card or use their password to gain entry into a building or computer, but cannot use their fingerprint or face.

Why Middleware?

Biometrics middleware is an integral part in the entire security solution. They give the companies the flexibility to bind all their applications to any device acting as a plug-in mechanism between the application and the biometric devices. They allow for easy integration of multiple biometrics within a single system solution. Additionally, it allows for single sign-on (SSO) capabilities as a one-time log-on for several applications. Remote users can experience advanced authentication through biometrics by replacing passwords when individuals are logging on to a network server from a remote station or even when disconnected from the server. It also provides strong authentication in a shared environment such as in a hospital or financial institutions, where several people share a computer.

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