Movers & Shakers Interview with Eran Eshed, Co-founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development, Altair Semiconductor

Published: 4 Mar 2009

In initiating an exhaustive review of the key drivers and challenges for next generation wireless technologies such as Mobile WiMAX, 3G LTE and XGP, Frost & Sullivan interviewed the Co-founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development, Eran Eshed of Altair Semiconductor, who is making significant traction in the mobile broadband wireless access market. In this interview, Luke Thomas, ICT-Europe Programme Manager for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA), discusses some of the keys issues pertaining to mobile broadband technologies, Altair Semiconductor's sustainable competitive advantage in their service offerings and the impact of the economic downturn in the mobile and wireless industry.

Luke Thomas: Altair Semiconductor has been receiving a lot of attention in the press lately. For those not familiar with Altair Semiconductor, can you provide a snapshot of the company's activities?

Eran Eshed

Eran Eshed: Altair Semiconductor is considered to be the world's leading developer of ultra-low power, small footprint and high performance 4G semiconductors. Our goal is to develop the highest performance, lowest power consuming and cost effective 4G chipsets that will enable connecting any device - be it a notebook computer, a mobile phone or a music player - to the Internet. Our mobile WiMAX and XGP chipsets today are the industry's undisputable benchmark for ultra-low power consumption and very small footprint, a merit which our LTE chipset will stand out for as well. Our 4G product portfolio includes not only baseband processors but also RF transceivers for TDD and FDD applications, and is arguably the most comprehensive 4G semiconductor portfolios available from one company.

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