Movers & Shakers Interview with Rajen Sheth, Senior Product Manager, Google Apps

Published: 4 Mar 2010

As part of our analysis of the latest trends impacting the enterprise market, such as Software as a Service, cloud computing, enterprise FMC, consumerization, and virtualization, Frost & Sullivan interviewed Mr. Rajen Sheth, Senior Product Manager for Google Apps, Google's enterprise productivity suite, which is making significant inroads into the enterprise space. In this interview, Alaa Saayed, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan's Unified Communications & Collaboration group, discusses some of these key trends, Google's new role in the evolving marketplace, and its key areas of focus in the coming years.

Alaa: Rajen, can you please provide us with some background on your current role at Google and an overview of what Google Enterprise is all about?

Rajen: Sure, Alaa, my name is Rajen Sheth, and I'm the Senior Product Manager in charge of Google Apps, which is our cloud computing platform for enterprises. It includes a variety of communications and collaboration apps that we provide to the consumer world, brought into the enterprise context, as well as a set of applications that are specific for enterprise, that we brought into our context as well. And going forward, we will not only allow platforms and other technologies to be able to extend our apps, but in addition, you will be able to build your own apps into our infrastructure.

I'm part of the Google Enterprise Division, which started about six years ago. About eight years ago, we released our first enterprise product, which was the Google Search APPLIANCE. At that time, Google would still experiment with whether or not we could sell products to businesses. We got a very solid reception with Google Search Client, so we created this division specifically around enterprises and, at that time, it was very much focused on our Search Client solution. I actually came into Google around that same time (about six years ago) with the specific objective to move the enterprise division into new areas beyond just search, beyond just a client. The effort that I ended up heading is the Google Apps for Businesses, which is what I'm the product manager for today. This effort aims to bring all of the innovation that we have for consumers into the business world.

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