Moving Up 5 Layers

Published: 5 Apr 2011

Moving up 5 Layers

In recent years, the UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions market has progressed due to its attractive network security approach. Indeed, the idea of having an appliance that includes a number of security solutions that go beyond just firewalling appeals to the information security market. Yet, if SMBs -the first target of UTM vendors- are satisfied with the current UTM solutions, will enterprises and service providers be satisfied as well?

The UTM concept is based on the assumption that a combination of security solutions bundled in the same appliance will create a better security umbrella for organizations. Another main advantage of UTM solutions is their low cost in comparison to purchasing many different security solutions. These two advantages are driving the rapid adoption of UTMs by SMB customers. Typical UTM solutions (will) include a Firewall, IPS/IDS, an AV (Antivirus), an AS (Anti-Spam) component and a VPN. While the ability to provide higher level security such as AV and AS attracts enterprise customers, the restraint of such solutions lays in their lack of ability to inspect the amount of data going through an enterprise-size network.

The need for high performance security products in the market was the spark that led a number of network security companies to develop solutions to deal with the intensity of enterprise data flow.

Wedge Networks, the company behind the BeSecure line of products, has developed a patented next generation deep content inspection engine called "SubSonic Engine". This high performance engine is capable of detecting, flagging, and blocking malware, spam and viruses at very high accuracy rates while screening high volumes of data with very low impact on network performance.

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