Movers & Shakers Interview with Alexis Charbonnel, Automotive Business Development Manager, Arkamys

Published: 21 Jul 2011

Mr.Alexis Charbonnel

Arkamys is a French-based company specialized in digital signal processing. Its audio processing solutions are applied in the sectors of Consumer Electronics and Car audio.

Arkamys was founded in Paris in 1998. The company initially used its patented sound spatialization process to remaster movies and DVDs for the professional entertainment industry. Today its audio enhancement software is implemented in consumer electronic products, such as mobile phones and mp3 players, as well as portable media players and car audio systems, where they are developing rapidly – several major European vehicle manufacturers already equip their new vehicles with an Arkamys solution.

In an audio market with a very high penetration rate for original equipment, how do vehicle manufacturers try to differentiate themselves?

The increasing amount of information processed by a car, as well as more and more powerful power units have given the Head Unit a fundamental role in the car. The Head Unit has become a multimedia platform, which is processing more and more information. This has lead to an increase of original equipment penetration to the detriment of after-market.

For manufacturers, the effects are different depending on vehicle segment. Audio offers can be divided into three categories which address different client needs:

  • The entry level, where cost is key;
  • The core-range, in which audio is a differentiating factor and must be able to hold any new format, device, connectivity, communication and navigation needs;
  • Hi-Fi, i.e. premium sound which is brand driven.

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