Movers & Shakers Interview with Mike Wilson, CEO, British Automation and Robotics Association

Published: 8 Aug 2011

By Archana Chauhan, Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson has 30 years of experience in the application of automation to manufacturing. He is the Owner and Managing Director of Creative Automation Solutions Ltd providing consultancy and training to the automation and manufacturing industries.

He is the Director of the Automation Advisory Service which has been created to help increase the competitiveness of UK manufacturers by providing the knowledge and expertise needed to identify and implement cost effective and efficient automation solutions. He has previously served as Managing Director of HY Robotics Ltd, Meta Vision Systems Ltd and FANUC Robotics UK Ltd.

In addition he is the Director of the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association and also Vice Chairman of the Engineering and Machinery Alliance. He has been Chairman of the International Federation of Robotics from 2000 to 2003 and also a Director of the Centre for Food Robotics and Automation.

Archana Chauhan (AC): Can you comment specifically about your role in the association and the role of the association itself?

Mike Wilson (MW): BARA was originally set up as the British Robot Association (BRA) over 30 years ago to promote the use of robots and the development of robot technologies in the United Kingdom and to act as a focal point and networking vehicle for all parties interested in robots. This was at the very early stages of the applications of robots in car manufacturing plants which involved 20 or 30 robots. However, these same facilities nowemploy up to 500 robots. Currently, BARA functions in other sectors as well, which include food and aerospace and other non-manufacturing units. BARA has evolved tremendously since its inception.

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