ZERO-Mass Hits India

Published: 25 Nov 2003

By Anoop Ubhey, Senior Smart Card Industry Analyst

ZERO-Mass is an industry consortium of Indian and global IT companies looking to deploy vendor independent interoperable standards to bring the benefits and mass deployment of EMV-compliant smart cards. The ZERO-Mass Consortium supplies smart card services, allowing Indian banks to issue smart cards with several active payment and related applications.

Bell ID, a subsidiary of London-based Bell Group plc, in partnership with Magnum Solutions Pvt. Ltd., delivers its ANDiS4EMV solution to facilitate a managed service for five Indian banks, enabling cost-efficient migration from traditional magnetic stripe credit cards to multi-application EMV smart cards.

Indian based A Little World heads the consortium that will host the EMV pilot for:

  • ICICI Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Citibank

The scalable software solution includes on-card applications EMV debit and credit, electronic purse, loyalty, mass transit, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The solution is equipped with post-issuance personalisation capabilities and complies with all global standards applicable to EMV migration.

These are the first banks in India that are going to participate in a nationwide scheme with a common approach towards EMV migration. The willingness towards multi-application further emphasises results from a recent survey Frost & Sullivan did on end users in the banking field titled Global End User Banking – EMV Migration.

Bell ID’s ANDiSEMV solution is the backbone to this solution. Again further proof that Bell ID offers more than simple ID/Government solutions. The ANDiSEMV provides life cycle management for all cards and on-card applications, key management and post-issuance personalisation. This allows the banks to add, delete applications to and from the card after issuance, a matter that caused so much confusion in the past.

The ZERO-Mass infrastructure complies with industrial smart card standards, supporting EMV 2000, CEPS, MULTOS v4.x, JavaCard 2.1.1 and GlobalPlatform specifications as a whole.

I believe this EMV win for Bell ID’s ANDiSEMV will provide the perfect example for other banks around the world. I personally would expect Bell ID to see further success in other Asian countries with this offering as banks look towards EMV migration.

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