Agilent’s Acquisition of Acqiris – What does it mean to Agilent and the T&M industry as a whole?

Published: 5 Dec 2006

By Mark Holler, Research Analyst

On November 13, 2006, Agilent Technologies Inc. and Acqiris SA announced that they had signed an agreement in which Agilent will acquire Acqiris. As the largest entity in the T&M industry, any strategic moves made by Agilent are bound to have a ripple effect throughout the industry. This announcement raises several questions. Here are a few of these questions and some speculation on what this acquisition could mean for the T&M industry.

Many of Acqiris’ products are based on the PCI platform and its derivatives; does this signal a shift in Agilent’s strategic plan?

With VXI based equipment being higher performance and generally more expensive than PXI based equipment, Agilent has positioned itself as a leader in high-end test equipment. While Agilent does have a few cPCI and PXI based solutions, they have focused their product line around VXI and more recently on LXI technology. However, according to Frost & Sullivan research, Acqiris is the third largest competitor in the PXI equipment market. National Instruments continues to dominate the PXI based test equipment market, however it is important to note that Acqiris was the market leader in PXI based digitizers for 2006.

Chart 1.1 shows the market share for the major competitors in the PXI-based digitizer market for 2005.














In addition to PXI products, Acqiris is a notable vendor in the cPCI space and they continuously come out with new fleet of products in the digitizer and chassis market with the help of its proprietary technology.

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