Booming Development of Chinese E-bike and E-bike Battery Market

Published: 2 Feb 2007

Executive Summary

The global rechargeable battery market is growing steadily keeping pace with the development of automotive, communication, deep cycle such as electric-bike (e-bike), electric consumer products, and other industries. The total revenues of global rechargeable battery market was approximately US$25.38 billion in 2005, which is expected to further increase with a CAGR over the period 2006-2010 by approximately 4.4 percent.

The competition of the world rechargeable battery market is very fierce. Market leaders are large companies such as Sanyo Energy (USA) Corporation, Matsushita Battery Industrial Company, Panasonic, as well as smaller companies such as Gold Peak (GP) Batteries International Limited and BYD Battery Company Limited. Most of the companies have their manufacturing bases in Asia.

China is the major contributor to the increase of the global rechargeable battery production. In fact, it has witnessed the fastest growth in rechargeable battery market over the last decade. The total revenues of rechargeable battery in China were over US$4.25 billion in 2005.

E-bike development has a fairly long history. Presently, the e-bike development in China is supported by government because it matches with the national policy of energy saving and environmental friendly. E-bike is an environmental friendly personal traffic transportation with the advantages of convenience, non-pollution, safety and energy saving. During the period from 2001 to 2005, the e-bike market increased by 12 times. The demand of e-bike market in China in 2006 is estimated to be over 10 million units.

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