Oberthur Card Systems Continues Down the Acquisition Road

Published: 12 Mar 2001
Oberthur Card Systems acquires Logica Impresora SA. Logica Impresora SA is a leading player in the manufacturing and personalisation of banking cards in Spain. This purchase strengthens Oberthurs position in the Iberian banking markets. The acquisition is believed to be approximately $9 million.
Established in 1994, Logica Impresora SA and its sister company Logica Personalizadora SL (also included in the acquisition) are internationally certified by VISA, MasterCard, and Europay.
This clearly outlines Oberthur’s strategy concerning the Iberian market. This goes in line with the projected migration in the banking sector in Spain. Logica Impresora SA is also known for its strong distribution channel in the Iberian banking market and this leverages Oberthurs reach in the market. Oberthur also gains 2 production sites through the acquisition.
Anoop Ubhey, Smart Card Industry Analyst says ‘ this is a continuation of the ‘Think Global Act Local’ strategy where Oberthur looks to acquire best of breed companies in order to address local needs’.
‘This is a timely acquisition with the expected move from magnetic stripe technology to smart cards and gives Oberthur a perfect platform to penetrate the market’ say Anoop Ubhey.
Using the distribution channels Oberthur gains through this acquisition, it provides Oberthur with the opportunity to penetrate the South American markets.

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