Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Global Smart City Market

The research service sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying and analyzing one of the significant Mega Trends, Smart is the New Green. 'Smart' as a value proposition has been increasingly replacing 'Green' concepts. This presentation would highlight examples of projects, companies and technologies that will invade and change the smart city space globally in the next decade. It also provides information on the total addressable smart city market size opportunity and discusses smart city business models, funding mechanisms, and stakeholder analysis. It also provides an analysis of macro-to-micro implications of smart cities on various industries in driving convergence of competition.
Published: 30 Aug 2013

  1. Executive Summary
    • Definition of Smart Cities
    • Key Findings of the Study
    • Summary of Smart Cities Study
    • Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
    • Associated Multimedia
  2. Research Scope, Objective and Methodology
    • Research Scope
    • Research Aim and Objectives
    • Research Background
    • Research Methodology—From Macro-to-Micro
  3. Introduction and Definition
    • Introduction to Smart City Concept
    • Definition of a Smart City—Key Parameters
    • Smart Energy—Smart Grid the Future 'Energy Internet'
    • Smart Buildings—The Triple Zero Architecture of the Future
    • Smart Mobility—Technology on Wheels
    • Smart Healthcare—Health in a Greener Economy
    • Smart Infrastructure—Digital Management of Infrastructure
    • Smart Governance and Smart Security—Governance-on-the-Go
    • Smart Citizen—The Digizens of the Future
    • Definitions Used in the Study
  4. Global Smart Cities in 2025
  5. Regional Snapshots of Smart Cities
    • Smart Cities in North America
    • Smart Cities in Europe
    • Smart Cities in Asia
  6. Smart City Market, Business Models and Stakeholders Analysis
    • Global Smart City Market
    • Smart City Business Models
    • Smart City Funding Mechanisms
    • Smart City Stakeholder Analysis
  7. Convergence of Competition
    • Smart Convergence
    • Smart City Roles
    • Next Game Changers in Smart City Business
  8. Smart Cities: The Future Services, Technology and Connectivity
    • Smart City Services—eService
    • Future of Technology
    • Future of Connectivity
  9. Case Studies of Companies Offering Smart City Solutions
    • IBM—Smarter Planet
    • Siemens AG—Infrastructure and Cities
    • GE—Ecomagination
    • ABB—Smart Grid Solutions
    • Cisco—Cisco Smart + Connected Communities for Cities
    • Accenture—Building an Intelligent City
    • Ericsson—Smart City Vision
  10. Case Studies of Key Smart Cities in 2025
    • Amsterdam Smart City—The Leader of Smart And Sustainable Urban Living
    • Copenhagen—The First Carbon Neutral City by 2025
    • Singapore—The Next Generation Smart City
    • Seoul—The World’s First Free Wifi City in 2025
    • Tokyo—The Digital City
  11. Sustainable Cities—Eco-friendly Urban living
    • Understanding the Difference Between Smart City and Sustainable City
  12. Global Snapshot of Sustainable or Eco-Cities in 2025
  13. Case Studies of Sustainable Cities: Future Green Cities
  14. Macro To Micro Implications of Smart Cities on Key Industries
    • Impact of Smart Cities on the Automotive Industry
    • Impact of Smart Cities on the Energy Industry
    • Impact of Smart Cities on ICT
    • Impact of Smart Cities on the Healthcare Industry
    • Impact of Smart Cities on the Security Industry
    • Impact of Smart Cities on the Logistics Industry
  15. Smart Cities: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
  16. Appendix
  17. About Frost & Sullivan

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