The past few years have been extremely challenging for the mobility industry. Stakeholders have struggled with intensifying competition, global economic slowdowns and depressed consumer demand. C.A.S.E.—Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Mobility Services (including Shared) and Electrification—has unleashed disruption across the ecosystem. The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this process of transformation, while offering stakeholders the opportunity to reset their future in the direction of sustainable models of innovation-led growth. In keeping with such trends, the theme for Intelligent Mobility 2022 is “Towards a Sustainable Future.”


As one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions and with emission levels spiraling at a faster rate than other industries, the need for decarbonization in the mobility industry has never been more urgent. A transition to sustainable, innovation-led models and clean energy practices across the mobility value chain will be critical if countries are to successfully meet their carbon reduction targets, realize their commitments to COP26 and similar climate change initiatives, and push towards the long-term global vision of net-zero emissions by 2050. Reflective of such trends, the theme for 2022 Intelligent Mobility Summit is “Towards a Sustainable Future.”

The mobility industry is currently working towards zero emission vehicles and carbon neutral manufacturing. Long-term roadmaps are embracing a more holistic vision of sustainability that encompasses strategy and solutions, products and processes, and, indeed, entire value chains.

Rising awareness about environmental issues, evolving consumer preferences, and regulatory imperatives are incubating new technology enablers in the form of connected vehicles, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electromobility (C.A.S.E.). Allied with this is the emergence of innovative mobility solutions like ‘mobility-as-a service’ and ‘lifestyle-as-a-service’.

Meanwhile, logistics supply chains are aligning with ‘Innovating to Zero’ and electrification trends. This is yielding both economic and environmental benefits in the form of significantly lowered operating costs, improved time savings, resource optimization, and decreased emissions.

Increasing end-of-life vehicle wastes are compelling the need for greater transparency and accountability in the mobility ecosystem. Circular economy and battery recycling concepts are highlighting how environmentally-friendly reduce, reuse, recover and recycle practices can be powerful tools for sustainable growth and competitive differentiation.

Cutting-edge technologies are anchoring shared mobility modes like car sharing, bike sharing, micro mobility, and peer-to-peer ride sharing. They are creating a foundation for clean and cohesive, smart and safe, affordable and accessible urban mobility.

Advanced connectivity and autonomy technologies are heralding a highly disruptive shift toward software-defined vehicles. The transformation of cars into smartphones on wheels will push the mobility industry into uncharted territory. From competing with technology companies to identifying innovative technologies that further their sustainability agendas, from finding ways to reconcile data protection and privacy concerns with profit and monetization imperatives, stakeholders will have to find ways to build a future defined by resilient and responsible growth.

After having successfully hosted virtual summits for the past two years, the 14th edition of Frost & Sullivan’s flagship 2022 Intelligent Mobility Summit will also be held online this year. It will run between September 7-8 in the Asia – Pacific,Middle East,India and Europe. The two-day event—”Intelligent Mobility: Towards a Sustainable Future“—will feature a series of curated webinars, insightful panel discussions, and other online events. It will bring together industry experts, policymakers, investors and innovators on a single digital platform, with participants having the opportunity to virtually access the discussions from the comfort of their homes/offices.

We look forward to having you at our digital 2022 Intelligent Mobility Summit.