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Tuesday, February 8, 2022
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Participant Meet ‘n’ Greet

This end user/practitioner activity is a great way to kick off the event! Join us for a unique virtual experience and connect with fellow participants in a series of brief 1:1 conversations. You’ll never know who you will meet! Not only is it a great way to find participants who have thought leadership you can benefit from — it’s also a great way to build your network and make new friends!

12:55 PM EST

Virtual Platform Orientation and Demonstration – Fast Paced and Fun!

1:00 PM EST

Welcome: Ready...Set…Go!

1:05 PM EST

HEADLINER – Emerging from a Pandemic: Renew and Refuel the Growth Pipeline

Anne Chow, Chief Executive Officer – AT&T Business, AT&T

Rockstar Insights:

annechowAnne Chow
Chief Executive Officer – AT&T Business


Why You Should Listen to Anne:
Bio is forthcoming.

1:25 PM EST

BE SEEN AND BE HEARD! Concurrent Collaboration Zones

The Rules:

  1. Choose one of three concurrent sessions
  2. Enter the Zoom Breakout Room
  3. Turn ON your video
  4. Have some fun and get to know your co-collaborators
  5. Get busy sharing ideas, best practices, and your lessons learned

Zone 1. Balancing Your Opportunity Portfolio Between Core and New Revenue Streams

Sriram Ramanathan, Engineering CTO AI Product Development, Genpact

Rockstar Insights:

Sriram RamanathanSriram Ramanathan
Engineering CTO AI Product Development
Why You Should Listen to Srirnam:
Bio is forthcoming.

Zone 2. Building Actionable Customer Personas

Zone 3. External Partnerships: Partnering to Enter New Markets

April Bertram, Senior Business Development Director, GOJO Industries

Rockstar Insights:

April BertramApril Bertram
Senior Business Development Director
GOJO Industries


Why You Should Listen to April:
An industry thought leader in IoT with over twenty years of experience working in the technology sector. She combines an entrepreneurial mindset with B2B and B2C business experience making her an industry resource for strategic approaches to creating IoT business models designed to create the maximum potential for customers.

2:10 PM EST

EXECUTIVE BULLETIN – The Future of North America, Recalibrated

Richard Sear, Partner, Senior Vice President & Chief Solutions Architect, Frost & Sullivan

What are the significant trends that will shape the American economy over the coming ten years? This session will answer this question in a time where clarity and grounding forces are a necessity to cut through the noise and identify the trends that are worthy of focus in order to create differentiation and strategic direction to drive long term growth.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight into the cross industry forces that will govern decisions over the coming ten years
  • Best practices for embracing a trends focused approach to generate growth opportunities
  • New approaches to stretch your thinking to embrace a roadmap to the future

Rockstar Insights:

Richard SearRichard Sear
Partner, Senior Vice President & Chief Solutions Architect
Frost & Sullivan


Why You Should Listen to Richard:
Richard is a world renowned innovation, technology and trend strategist having brought real practical transformations to companies and governments spanning six continents in his twenty five years. As comfortable in a pair of jeans leading CEO’s through experiential exercises as he is speaking to 5,000 people, Richard prides himself on the highly actionable nature of his work and the track record of proven products in market that have impacted hundreds of industries and peoples everyday lives.

2:25 PM EST


2:30 PM EST

RADICAL THINKING: Changing Mindsets to Ignite Business Model Innovation

Shahed Amanullah, Global Vice President, Customer Experience, Frost & Sullivan
Panelists Include:
Julie Brown, Executive Director of Business Transformation – Services, Johnson Controls
Mike Caimona, Chief Customer Officer, Aurora Flight Sciences, A Boeing Company
April Walker, Senior Director, U.S. Microsoft Technology Centers, Microsoft

When our computers start acting sluggish, we reboot them to discard memory and start from scratch. In this climate, business models need a reboot to get rid of old habits and ways of looking at markets and processes. Rebooting a company requires us to create a common understanding of innovation, a shared commitment to open minds, and a willingness to let go of bad habits and world views. How do we create corporate cultures that embrace innovation and are committed to constantly scanning the horizon for opportunities? We’ll share best practices to turn your employees into innovators and turn skeptics into true believers.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Explore how to embrace a growth mindset as business models and industries are upended by the unprecedented global pandemic
  • Identify ways to motivate teams to stretch their thinking, disrupt sluggish cultures, and turn employees into innovators
  • Share best practices in building trust within innovation teams that allow for judgement-free exploration of new ideas


Shahed-AmanullahShahed Amanullah
Global Vice President, Customer Experience
Frost & Sullivan


Why You Should Listen to Shahed:
Whether running hackathons for Facebook & Google, briefing the President in the Oval Office, or being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Shahed Amanullah has long been sought for his advice on entrepreneurship, innovation, and messaging strategies for global audiences. His career has taken him from venture-funded Valley startups to the World Bank and State Department, always seeking to create solutions at the intersection of technology, branding, and diplomacy.

Rockstar Insights:

Julie BrownJulie Brown
Executive Director of Business Transformation – Services
Johnson Controls


Why You Should Listen to Julie:
As Executive Director – Services Transformation, Julie is responsible for driving advantaged services around for the Johnson Controls services businesses around the globe.  This includes designing and deploying best practices and solutions around truck-based service teams in HVAC, Fire and Security.

Mike CaimonaMike Caimona
Chief Customer Officer
Aurora Flight Sciences, A Boeing Company


Why You Should Listen to Mike:
Mike has over 25 years experience focusing on customer mission success in innovative technology organizations. He has worked to align the strategy, marketing, and new business divisions to have a unified customer centric approach while successfully achieving business objectives.

April WalkerApril Walker
Senior Director, U.S. Microsoft Technology Centers


Why You Should Listen to April:
April Walker is the National Director of the US Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC), in this role she is responsibility for setting the vision, strategy, and overseeing the operations of (15) MTCs across the US. An accomplished engineer and expert in cybersecurity, AI, and cloud, April began her career in STEM more than 30 years ago in the DC area and amassed an impressive portfolio of success leading organizations in the corporate arena. A technology evangelist and change-leader, she has been the catalyst for driving innovation for many F500 corporations.

3:05 PM EST

INTERACTIVE – Solutions Wheel

Play the “wheel” to find out which of Frost & Sullivan’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid fire, one-on-one meetings with leading sponsors – both intense and fulfilling.

Concurrent with:

EXECUTIVE BULLETIN - Leveraging Innovation Challenges and Competitions to Accelerate Ideation

Liz Centoni, Chief Strategy Officer and GM, Applications, Cisco

3:35 PM EST

BE SEEN AND BE HEARD! Concurrent Collaboration Zones

The Rules:

  1. Choose one of three concurrent sessions
  2. Enter the Zoom Breakout Room
  3. Turn ON your video
  4. Have some fun and get to know your co-collaborators
  5. Get busy sharing ideas, best practices, and your lessons learned

Zone 1. Planning for the Future: Creating Your Strategic Narrative

Paul Campbell, Head of Digital Innovation, BAT

Would Elon Musk be a good innovation leader at your firm? As innovation leaders we frequently face the challenge of painting a vision for the future that is grounded in operational realities. This challenge creates one of the most difficult balancing acts innovations leaders manage during their careers. This session addresses the topic by defining deft approaches from expert practitioners. From efficient capital deployment to ‘make vs buy’ to Innovator’s Dilemma, innovation leaders need to communicate a narrative that hurdles frequent corporate landmines with both credible yet inspiring and future oriented leadership.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Best practices on what to say when the Board asks for an innovation vision – learn whether to respond by channeling Elon Musk or Jack Welch
  • Insight on what to say when the CFO asks to quantify innovation’s value generation
  • Examples of what to say to your team when they want to know how innovation will change the world

Rockstar Insights:

Paul CampbellPaul Campbell
Head of Digital Innovation


Why You Should Listen to Paul:
Paul Campbell has been a thought leader in corporate innovation for more than two decades. His experience with a broad range of business models, technologies, and products around the world lends him a unique perspective on the changes in business innovation and leadership.

Zone 2. Forecasting the Convergence of Business Models, Consumers and Technology

Lenson Bellamy, Global Consumer Insights Leader, Gilbarco Veeder-Root
Jillian Walker, Vice President, Consulting, Techvision, Frost & Sullivan

Digital transformation has significantly shifted consumer expectations toward an on-demand economy, with direct-to-consumer, online-to-offline, and subscription-based business models proliferating. As technology advances, business models will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, impacting both B2C and B2B operations.

This interactive session will explore how Gilbarco-Veeder Root, an industry leader in fuel dispenser and C-store technology, is forecasting the convergence of business models, consumers, and technology; and hone in on transferable approaches for your business.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Framework for considering implications of business model, consumer, and technology convergence
  • Best practices for aligning your team around a shared convergence vision
  • Techniques for actioning your convergence strategy

Rockstar Insights:

Lenson BellamyLenson Bellamy
Global Consumer Insights Leader
Gilbarco Veeder-Root


Why You Should Listen to Lenson:
Bio is forthcoming.

Jillian WalkerJillian Walker
Vice President, Consulting, Techvision
Frost & Sullivan


Why You Should Listen to Jillian:
Jillian’s work as a Principal Consultant with Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Group (VIG) concentrates on a deep understanding of the socioeconomic, technological, and demographic megatrends that will impact business, government, and societies through the coming decades. Specifically, in her role with VIG, I have worked in areas as diverse as automotive and transportation, financial services, energy, industrial process, public sector, and education.

Zone 3. Understanding and Monetizing the Customer Life Cycle

Kay Malcolm, Senior Director, Database Product Management, Oracle
Gayleen Rothrock, Group Vice President of North America Tech Strategy & Innovation, Oracle

Like consumers, business customers are always-on and are influenced by the many information channels available to them. The combination of search algorithms, big data and social media has greatly disrupted traditional interactions with our customers.  Businesses need to reconsider their customer’s expectations at each stage of their journey.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A structure for capturing a customer’s life cycle
  • Insight on the taxonomy that places the customer in the focal point
  • Tools for identifying short term revenue and long term value

Rockstar Insights:

Kay MalcolmKay Malcolm
Senior Director, Database Product Management


Why You Should Listen to Kay:
Kay leads a team of database product managers who develop strategy, key initiatives, infrastructure and programs to enable our customers, sales consultants and implementors to work smarter, not harder, and get direct access to Oracle’s Database technology in combination with Oracle’s other platform solutions. Kay defined and created Oracle LiveLabs, has appeared in a commercial for Oracle recently (check it out and make sure to like it:, is an active diversity ambassador for Oracle, and is an Oracle mentor for several early career professionals.

Rockstar Insights:

Gayleen RothrockGayleen Rothrock
Group Vice President of North America Tech Strategy & Innovation


Why You Should Listen to Gayleen:
Gayleen is Group Vice President of Business Development, Strategy and Innovation at Oracle leading the creation and deployment of GoToMarket initiatives for North America Cloud and Technology group. Gayleen uses her technical background and strategy experience to put the customer first in sales programs.

4:20 PM EST

CAPSTONE - How to Maximize Your Future Growth Potential as the Global Economy Transforms

David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan

This immersive session will help you benchmark against the best and provide powerful frameworks and systems to help you lead your company’s growth and achieve aspirational ideals.

Key Drives:

  • The Strategic Imperative 8: 8 Factors that are making it increasingly difficult to grow
  • Benchmarking Future Growth Potential
  • The Most Important Thing to Learn from Steve Jobs
  • Growth Pipeline Management: CRM for CEO

Rockstar Insight:

David FrigstadDavid Frigstad
Frost & Sullivan


Why You Should Listen to David:
David is passionate about supporting companies with the generation, evaluation and implementation of innovative growth opportunities. David’s leadership has steered Frost & Sullivan to the center of an ecosystem of best practice cultivation, executive peer support, and cutting-edge insights that is singularly focused on reshaping the world through managed growth.

4:50 PM EST

Content Concludes

4:55 PM EST

Networking Activity and Virtual Happy Hour

6:00 PM EST

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12:00 PM EST

Briefing Sessions

Pre-arranged meetings with the Frost & Sullivan Solutions of your choice.
1:00 PM EST

Kickoff and HEADLINER – Revitalize Your Growth Strategy: Investing in the Visionary Future

1:25 PM EST

BE SEEN AND BE HEARD! Concurrent Collaboration Zones

The Rules:

  1. Choose one of three concurrent sessions
  2. Enter the Zoom Breakout Room
  3. Turn ON your video
  4. Have some fun and get to know your co-collaborators
  5. Get busy sharing ideas, best practices, and your lessons learned

Zone 1. Minimizing Risk through Data Driven Analysis

Rama Mallika, Head of Market Research and Senior Director, Analytics & Insights, PayPal

As markets and ecosystems are increasingly interconnected, executives are challenged to discern complex patterns, predict market evolutions and understand customers at a deeper level. These challenges lead to increasingly fragile decisions taken in the global environment as the need for structured thinking is on the rise. This dynamic session will provide inspiration and practical strategies on data and insights to mitigate risk of poor decisions from a customer perspective and thus leading to better growth opportunities.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Lessons learned from the value of outside-in perspective of consumer data
  • Useful techniques to ensure structure and rigor on decisions from insights and data
  • Fresh perspectives on role of insights & analytics in identifying growth opportunities

Rockstar Insights:

Rama Mallika
Head of Market Research and Senior Director, Analytics & Insights


Why You Should Listen to Rama:
Rama is part of PayPal’s Financial Planning & Analytics leadership team and is currently supporting strategic decisions enabled from an “outside-in” perspective on customers and market. He has extensive experience across B2B and B2C global markets and brings a keen sense of understanding of the value of insights in enterprise planning and decisioning

Zone 2. Understanding the Genesis of Customer Problems and Creating Early Solutions

Darrell Huntsman, Chief Executive Officer, Frost & Sullivan
Rick Ainsworth, Chief Commercial Officer, Frost & Sullivan

Necessity is the Mother of Invention…and the most valuable market needs are increasingly unarticulated, creating advantages for those who can listen, interpret and address customer problems. Understanding the origins of emerging needs can dramatically improve the Innovation ‘hit rate’ for organizations. This interactive session will explore approaches to listening for customer needs, standardizing an organizational strategy, and techniques to proxy risk-adjusted opportunity size of potential solutions.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A framework to identify early customer problems/needs
  • Techniques to build a systemic approach to translating needs to solutions
  • Best practices to estimate risk-adjusted opportunity sizes of potential solutions

Rockstar Insights:

Darrell HuntsmanDarrell Huntsman
Chief Executive Officer
Frost & Sullivan


Why You Should Listen to Darrell:
As Chief Executive Officer of Frost & Sullivan, Darrell drives and implements the organization’s vision as he reinvents how Frost & Sullivan will apply technology and domain expertise to identify and prioritize its customers’ most pressing growth opportunities. He has 20+ years of experience with Bain & Co., LexisNexis, 3M and with private equity and technology start-ups.

Rick AinsworthRick Ainsworth
Chief Commercial Officer
Frost & Sullivan


Why You Should Listen to Rick:
In his current role, Rick is focused on delivering on the company’s brand promise through service delivery, packaging, go-to-market, sales and experience. He has a background in strategy consulting and has worked with a variety of companies in operations, strategy, innovation and business development.

Zone 3. Spotting Disruptive Trends in a Post-Pandemic Economy

Asha Brown, Director of Market Intelligence, Pulte Group

As a whole new global economy is birthed in a nascent post-COVID world, companies should be on the lookout for opportunities to expand, diversify, pivot, or all of the above. How can companies both monitor and strategically plan during this time? How can they gauge the changing competitive landscape as a result of emerging trends in a post-pandemic economy? This interactive session will look at how to spot and think through potential growth opportunities by using both case studies and current examples that explore these questions.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Framework for aligning emerging trends with business strategies
  • Techniques for gathering, analyzing and communicating data
  • Insight into tools and best practices for the integration of fresh perspectives into strategic plans

Rockstar Insights:

Asha BrownAsha Brown
Director of Market Intelligence
Pulte Group


Why You Should Listen to Asha:
As a leader within the Market Intelligence discipline at the country’s 3rd largest homebuilder, Asha currently supports strategic initiatives focused on growing Pulte’s local footprint in Northern California, expanding to additional national markets across the country and keeping her finger on the pulse of innovative new home construction trends. In all of these workflows, she is driven by a deeply-rooted curiosity to investigate, understand and uncover strategic insights that propel Pulte forward.

2:10 PM EST

TECHTALKS – The Game Changers

Join us for a burst of insight into technologies forecasted to have game changing potential to power your growth.

Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Tony Melanson, Vice President Strategy & Marketing, Atheon

Autonomous driving cars have yet to emerge, but mobile robots inside of our workplaces are becoming more commonplace. Organizations have the opportunity to transform their service design, customer or patient experience, employee satisfaction and labor costs through the adoption of mobile autonomy.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Crash course on mobile autonomy
  • Insight on mobile robotics landscape and opportunity drivers
  • An executive guide to evaluate mobile robotics

Rockstar Insights:

Tony MelansonTony Melanson
Vice President Strategy & Marketing


Why You Should Listen to Tony:
Tony leads Aethon’s product strategy efforts along with commercial marketing. Aethon was one of the first successful autonomous mobile robotics companies to emerge, and over the last 15 years they have developed a unique perspective on the mobile autonomy space particularly in healthcare and hospitality but also in retail and industrial sectors.

Advanced Energy Storage

Tom Stepien, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Primus Power

Rockstar Insights:

Tom StepienTom Stepien
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Primus Power


Why You Should Listen to Tom:
Tom has over 30 years of engineering, operations and general management experience at small and large companies. Prior to helping launch Primus, he was a VP/GM at semiconductor equipment manufacturer Applied Materials responsible for a $500 million business.

Advanced Security Technologies

Gaurav Banga, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Balbix

Rockstar Insights:

Gaurav BangaGaurav Banga
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Why You Should Listen to Gaurav:
Gaurav Banga is the Founder and CEO of Balbix, and serves on the boards of several companies. Before Balbix, Gaurav was the Co-founder & CEO of Bromium and led the company from inception for over 5 years. Earlier in his career, he served in various executive roles at Phoenix Technologies and Intellisync Corporation, and was Co-founder and CEO of PDAapps, acquired by Intellisync in 2005.

3:00 PM EST

BE SEEN AND BE HEARD! Concurrent Collaboration Zones

The Rules:

  1. Choose one of three concurrent sessions
  2. Enter the Zoom Breakout Room
  3. Turn ON your video
  4. Have some fun and get to know your co-collaborators
  5. Get busy sharing ideas, best practices, and your lessons learned

Zone 1. Strategically Align Resources and the Innovation Pipeline

Christine Hawkins, Director Digital and Customer Process Transformation, HP

As companies look to embrace the growing list of new and innovative digital tools and approaches, aligning all the resources needed to successfully deploy innovation is becoming more challenging. This is resulting in companies looking for not just new innovative solutions but also new approaches to implement them. This interactive session will look at how to examine your current approach to resources and innovation pipeline with a critical eye and come away with ideas on how to improve it

Key Take-Aways:

  • Pitfalls to applying traditional approaches to a pipeline of innovative new internal tools, products, services etc
  • Lessons learned from trying new approaches to align resources to a nimble new approach
  • Critical factors when tracking and reporting on innovation activities

Rockstar Insights:

Christine Hawkins, Director Digital and Customer Process Transformation, HPChristine Hawkins
Director Digital and Customer Process Transformation

Why You Should Listen to Christine:
Christine is a globally recognized presenter whose current role includes aligning resources across 11 global process improvements while identifying white space opportunities. She expertly designs and leads business processes that delight customers and exceed targets.

Zone 2. Achieving Sustainable, Scalable Innovation

Zone 3. Aligning Sales Leadership and Teams with New Growth

Bill Sexton, Vice President, Customer Relationship Management, Global Industrial

Following the 2020 recession growth expectations are higher than they have been in decades. It is sales leadership’s responsibility to provide the right incentives, tools and coaching to create a high growth environment for their sellers. In this interactive session we will explore the challenges sales teams face to meet new growth expectations and the strategies and tactics to help create an environment built for growth. 

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight on developing a clear growth plan aligned across all areas of the business, particularly the product & marketing teams 
  • A framework for sales incentives that are aligned to your growth strategy
  • Steps to ensure tools and coaching techniques are in place to get the best of you sellers

Rockstar Insights:

William SextonBill Sexton
Vice President, Customer Relationship Management
Global Industrial
Growth Innovation Leadership Council Member

Why You Should Listen to Bill:
Bill is part of Global Industrial’s executive leadership team leading the effort to develop synergy between the marketing, product, and sales teams. Prior to this role he supported development of growth driven sales and sales operations teams for Global Industrial, Zebra Technologies, & Motorola Solutions.

3:45 PM EST

MOVER & SHAKER INTERVIEWS – Where the Ventures are Venturing

Panelists Include:
Amit Garg, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Tau Ventures
Andrew Maywah, Investment Director, TDK Ventures, Inc.
Kristina Serafim, Managing Director, Verizon Ventures
Samantha Huang, Principal, BMW i Ventures
Stephanie Cherrin, Principal, Porsche Ventures


Amit GargAmit Garg
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Tau Ventures


Why You Should Listen to Amit:
Amit is the Cofounder and Managing Partner, Tau Ventures, with an investing focus on applied AI in digital health, automation (car, drones, robots) and enterprise. Prior to Tau Ventures, Amit built his experience in venture at Samsung NEXT Ventures, Norwest Ventures and co-founding the insurance startup HealthIQ.

Andrew MaywahAndrew Maywah
Investment Director
TDK Ventures, Inc.


Why You Should Listen to Andrew:
Andrew is an Investment Director and Founding member of TDK Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of TDK, with investments in innovative technology companies in the fields of energy, environmental transformations, fundamental material science and sustainability. Prior to TDK Ventures, he was a Partner at Silver Tiger Capital, a boutique private equity firm in Beijing, China.

Kristina SerafimKristina Serafim
Managing Director
Verizon Ventures


Why You Should Listen to Kristina:
Kristina focuses on early stage investments in data science, ML, AI, immersive and gaming technologies, enterprise SaaS and deep tech. She joined Verizon Ventures from Verizon’s ML and AI product team, and prior to that was Managing Director at Intellectual Ventures.

Samantha HuangSamantha Huang
BMW i Ventures


Why You Should Listen to Samantha:
Samantha Huang is a Principal at BMW i Ventures, where she focuses on investments across AI and big data, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, sustainability, and the next generation of human experiences. She also serves as Head of Content for the Emerging Venture Capitalists Association, which is the most active pre-partner nonprofit organization for empowering the next generation of venture capitalists.

Stephanie CherrinStephanie Cherrin
Porsche Ventures


Why You Should Listen to Stephanie:
Stephanie leads strategic investments in startups on behalf of Porsche AG across the United States. Stephanie has worked at both institutional and corporate funds across Europe, Israel and the US and has a global view of where the world’s investment ecosystems are heading.

4:25 PM EST

INSIGHTS AND IDEAS ROUNDUP – The Great Take-Away: Implementing the Best, Brightest and Boldest Ideas from the Program

During this interactive session, participants and speakers will collaborate and highlight the most important themes, key take-aways and lessons learned that can be readily operationalized once you are back in the office.

4:45 PM EST

Growth, Innovation and Leadership: The VIRTUAL Growth Pipeline Experience Concludes