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Energy Technology Group

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In a global environment driven by continual transformation where traditional business models are being disrupted and tested, making the right decisions has never been more critical.

Connect with the Brightest Minds in Energy and Oil and Gas

Top Five Reasons to Become a Member

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Capitalize on the seismic changes happening in the industry.

Become prepared to compete in the age of digital

Become more prepared to compete in the age of digital disruption.

Minimize Oil & Gas cost

Minimize inefficiencies and friction that is costing you more than it should.

Minimize Oil & Gas cost

Learn through collaboration.

Network with Oil & Gas executives

Network with industry experts and influential leaders.

Oil & Gas Leaders

The Energy Technology Group’s mission is to accelerate the pace of innovation across the Energy Ecosystem through:


Best Practices Sharing


Experiential Learning/Innovation Tours


Critical Issues Debate

Gain Perspective and Expert Insight into Critical Issues

Oil & Gas Innovation


Accelerate the pace of Innovation across the Energy Ecosystem by leveraging technology adoption best practices from other industries. COVID-19 has hastened the pace by requiring some operations to be handled remotely and autonomously.

Oil Industry Transformation

Industry Transformation

As industries, business models, and the tech stack converge, new opportunities arise to monetize assets.
Sustainability in Oil & GAs


With pressure from consumers and investors to reduce the environmental and societal impact of energy production and utilization, in order to survive, Energy and Oil and Gas companies must reduce the carbon intensity of their operations.

Renewable Energy

Energy Transition

As with the transition from whale oil to kerosene as a source of energy in the 19th century, Energy and Oil and Gas companies face an analogous transition today as governments mandate a shift from hydrocarbons to renewables, hydrogen, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

Attend Site Tours, In-Person, and Virtual Events

Connect monthly with peers from energy and oil and gas industries, to share insights and solve real-world problems with proven strategies. In-person and virtual events give you access to deep discussions so you can build your expertise and deepen your professional relationships.


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Only Energy Technology Group Membership Offers:

Networking with Executive Peers

The Group is made up of some of the most innovative and insightful executives from all disciplines of energy and oil and gas. Network with experts from different functions and industry sectors, and gain insights on the cutting-edge ideas that are driving the industry forward.

  • Thought leadership and research content
  • Events and site tours

A Focus on the Future

Engage in discussions on how to improve safety, reduce inefficiencies, and increase industry transparency based on member insights, best practices, and research.

  • Special interest group discussions
  • Critical Issues roundtable meetings
  • Live executive discussions
  • The Group’s vision to enable industry leaders to realize a sustainable future by focusing on what they can control: safety, costs, and the culture of innovation

Access to Research & Resources

The Group provides insights on the key innovations, disruptive technology developments and trends – including the Group’s “Critical Issues” – to help executives stay ahead of the curve. Resources and published research titles include:

  • Start-up Tracker
  • TechVision Alerts
  • Future of Exploration & Production
  • Game-changing Drilling & Completion Technologies
  • Best Practices in Sustainability and Water Management
  • Future Trends in Renewable Energy
  • Leading Industrial Innovations and Transformation
  • Future Trends in Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Automation Landscape of the Future
  • Future Trends in Industrial Machines