Blue Cross and Blue Shield Goes All in On Health Insurance Exchanges

by Patrick Riley 14 Oct 2013
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While Aetna and UnitedHealth Group stay on the sidelines, Blue Cross and Blue Shield have entered the online health insurance marketplace business in full-force. The Blues appear to be offering plans pretty much across the U.S. landscape guaranteeing a bold strategy that seems to be initially paying off despite HHS and CMS health IT and Website stumbles out of the gate.

The Blues are also becoming the single largeest educators about helath insurance options in states like Louisiana and Texas where the governors there make no hint of cooperating with the feds to implement even a fed run health insurance marketplace. Senior Vice Presdient of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alissa Fox says, "We expect Blue Cross Blue Shield plans will have a strong, reliable presence in the new exchanges."

This is evident in Texas where Governor Rick Perry has been very clear about his opposition to anything to do with what he refers to as Obamacare, which includes the health insurance marketplaces. Texas does have the Be Covered Texas team which includes the Habitat for Humanity, diabetes groups, churches, social services, not-for-profits, the NAACP community clinics - all of whom are putting the word out in Texas which has the highest number of uninsured people in the country. Clearly, the Blues in Texas see a linear process between educating and enrolling new members.

Look to the Blues to be active in all 50 states, both educating and enrolling the individual people who visit the exchanges and choose Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

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