Crunch Time for Implementation of The Affordable Care Act

by Patrick Riley 28 Oct 2013
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With the appointment last week of Jeffrey Zients to fix the beleagured Website, the Obama adminstration is scrambling for some good news for the Affordable Care Act which was signed into law in March of 2010. The news of Zients taking responsibility came as no surprise as HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and even the President have begun to distance themselves from the digital fiasco that unfolded like a wet blanket on October 1st. Although Sebelius and the President acknowledge that what happened is "unacceptable" each is firm in saying they had "no head's up" and were as shocked as we all were with the catastrophic and comprehensive failure of

Since the initial debacle in early October what we have come to learn as a nation tries to understand what happened, what is broke, and more importantly what it will take to fix the site, we have come to accept that this was much more than "glitches." The 55 government contractors who built the site and data-hub testified on the Hill last week in place of Sebelius who was "unavailable." Their remarks were not that illuminating other than to point fingers at HHS and CMS alleging there was no project oversight and late, very late changes to the hierarchy of decisions needed to adequately code enrollment and eligibility queries in HTML. It was painfully obvious to all who were there and who read or listened to the news Thursday night, that this entire effort was flawed from the very start. No one, it appears so far, was in charge. Testing was left to just under a week before launch. Not a good showing and inadequate in any lay person's opinion. Yet, it launched anyways. Who gave that order? It wasn't a government contractor that is for sure because they were warning as early as last spring that "we will not be ready by October 1." It was Henry Chao, the poor public servant responsible to Sebelius for the Website, also went on the record in March of 2013 warning of pending doom as he realized all was not well even then. Why then was the site allowed to go live?

The Health Subcommittee for the House Energy Committee will get their paws on Sebelius this week and we all hope to have some more answers. As the clock ticks towards November 30th for live, a nation grows more weary of a promised healthcare solution that continues to promise greatness and delivers sawdust.

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