A time of change in US HCIT? Trump wins US Presidency

by Daniel Ruppar 09 Nov 2016
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Digital health is an area which has potential to bring disruptive change to healthcare. Two key facets which have supported this in the last decade have been the progression of digitization, as well as activities of the US government from the ACA, HITECH, Meaningful Use, etc….

With the win of Donald Trump as the next US President, this also is a story of disruptive change. As part of a trend tied to backlash from progressive globalization there is an undercurrent of unhappiness in many areas of the globe in the developed world. People are dissatisfied with their leaders, their governments, and the establishment.

From a healthcare standpoint - there has been benefits to healthcare information technology and digital health in the last 8 years. This is why we are where we are now in HCIT market expansion in the US. We also see the imploding of Obamacare, double digit premium increases, and promises not being delivered fully on a program which was supposed provide disruptive change in a positive direction.

What I would hope is if we now have change in US policy in areas which directly impacted health IT, it helps solve some of the problems, and takes a fresh stab at solutions which can further progress the shift to value-based care. Alterations in what has gone on under President Obama does not remove the need to support cost improvements, transparency, outcomes-focused care, patient engagement and wellness. Perhaps Trump’s administration can come up with something to solve issues in interoperability which continue, as well as further progress the market from an incentive standpoint, and help those who are now hurting from leveraging the Exchanges.

We will have however a time of uncertainty in the market. Hopefully we can now come together and embrace change, hope, and what comes in the next administration can help make healthcare in America great again. 

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