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Security Concerns in an IP-connected Environment

by Avni Rambhia 20 May 2015
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Content protection has always been a top-of-mind priority for content companies. To date, the most protection energy has been focused on the end-user side, in terms of digital rights management (DRM), copy-protection and traitor-tracing. As workflows become digitized, however, and as speed and collaborative agility become critical competitive differentiators, security needs are becoming more complex and more pervasive. 

This expands the notions of security in the digital media world past DRM and towards what's known as enterprise rights management (ERM). ERM solutions link to enterprise-internal user management systems to trace, protect and enforce usage policy on sensitive internal data and file assets. ERM solutions often link with Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) systems and user management systems, among others, to automate processes like rights enforcement and usage monitoring. 

In a paper (attached below) we released at NAB this year, commissioned by AVID, we lay out key security considerations for today's workflows. We've seen a flurry of vendor activity in establishing thought leadership around securing of assets throughout the digital workflow. Cisco Systems notably had an entire section at their NAB booth related to security solutions for digital workflows, and Level 3 talked about the role of network security in modern digital media businesses at Streaming Media East. 

We expect to see security emerge as a differentiator of emerging importance in DAM, NLE, post-production workflow, and similar systems. While performance, automation and scalability will remain primary differentiators, vendors will need to at least show thought leadership if not feature leadership on the security front as well. 

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