Challenges Faced by Australian Radiologists while Working with Conventional Imaging Workflow Solutions

Demand for Next-generation Imaging Solutions on the Rise

Published: 13 Aug 2013

By Natasha Gulati

Executive Summary

Medical imaging has been a torch-bearer for technological advancements in the healthcare industry. Computed Tomography (CT) introduced digitization in radiology but the real game-changer was Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). With PACS products entering their fourth and fifth generations across the world, the traditional film and light box set up are becoming a thing of the past. Medical imaging, in fact, is now showing the effects of Moore's Law, whereby rapid technological advancements and high rate of adoption lead to an acceleration of innovation and swift replacement of technology. To continually evolve with this rapid evolution in medical imaging, GE is working real time and more directly with end users across the globe to design this future. This GE-sponsored Frost & Sullivan whitepaper is a part of that process, identifying key issues that impact the day-to-day performance of radiologists in Australia and the consequences of these issues.

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