Mobile IM: The Next Big Opportunity in Real-Time Mobile Applications

Published: 28 Nov 2006

Mobile Instant Messaging (Mobile IM) will likely be the next big mobile application market, eventually exceeding the SMS market.  While that may seem hard to believe today, the ingredients are all in place to provide for an explosive growth in Mobile IM much like what we experienced in SMS a number of years ago.  Once operators all agree to exchange Mobile IM messages, then the technology is in place to allow for hundreds of millions of people to use Mobile IM much like they use Web portal based IM today. 

Followap has developed one of the industry’s leading solutions to Mobile IM.  NeuStar has the directory management services in place that assist in internetworking for number portability.  These directory services can be applied to other internetworking applications like IM.  Mobile IM will eventually become more popular than SMS due to unlimited length of message, presence (knowing who’s online) and message threading.  Wireless operator internetworking of Mobile IM will begin in 2007 and quickly spread worldwide by 2009.

As a result of NeuStar’s acquisition of Followap, NeuStar will is poised to become the leading supplier of Mobile IM solutions in the world.

Click here to read the entire Neustar White Paper on Mobile IM: The Next Big Opportunity in Real-Time Mobile Applications

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