Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston


Innovators, technologists, new product designers, R&D professionals and others are invited to attend the 3rd installment of Frost & Sullivan’s Innovation Workshop and Tour: A Quarterly Series at the famed NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas on September 13th. Themed New Product Innovation and Development to Accelerate Growth, this unique one-day event consists of headliner presentations from innovators and technology experts, topical discussions on innovation and technology with thought leader participants, and a guided tour of the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Tour participants will sit in the viewing room where past presidents, press and astronaut families sat to watch the Apollo team send the first and last man to the moon, view a mockup of the International Space Station, Orion capsule and see prototype “robonauts” that NASA hopes to send into deep space one day. Here are just some of the highlights of what is sure to be an event experience like no other:

Workshop and Tour Highlights:

Headliner – Big Ideas, Small Experiments: The Fundamental Building Blocks of Bold Innovation

Kimberly Williams, JD, Chief Innovation Officer, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, will open the event with strategies for embracing bold innovation goals when resources are constrained and short-term returns are especially important – a challenging task. She’ll speak from her unique perspective developing innovation projects and emerging mobility solutions in the public sector. 

Key Take-Aways:

  • Useful tools to deliver innovation projects
  • Strategies to overcome financing obstacles
  • Insight into improving project adoption

Innovation Center Tour: NASA Johnson Space Center

The centerpiece of the day, the innovation tour will include the opportunity to stand next to one of only three fully assembled Saturn V rockets left in the world, a dwarfing experience. Participants will learn about all five stages of the rocket and the history of the Apollo era, witnessing inspirational innovation firsthand!


Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

Executive Bulletin – Space 2050

After the tour, the focus on exciting opportunities in science, commerce and space exploration will continue. Dr. Nelson Pedreiro, Vice President Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin Space, will delve into questions like: What will the future of space look like and what technologies will enable that future? Participants will learn how close we are to this future, and how to accelerate the innovation that will make it happen.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insights into the future of space and technology development
  • Framework to map a vision into technology and product roadmaps
  • Examples of how technology push enables new opportunities and drives business

Roundtables, Thinktanks and Panel Discussions

Interactive exchanges on topics like Creating New Sustainable Revenue Streams, moderated by Dr. Terry Collier, Vice President Research & Development, 3M, and Building a Sound Strategy for Finding the Right Revenue Partner moderated by Gopalan Balaji, Innovation Leader, and Genevieve “Gen” Gurczenski, Emerging Technology Innovation, both of W.L. Gore & Associates, will round out the event and give participants the chance to roll up their sleeves and learn from one another.

Capstone – Bringing Strategic Intent to Life

Douglas Terrier, Associate Director, NASA Johnson Space Center, will deliver the capstone presentation. Terrier will leverage his long-standing expertise as a technology and innovation thought leader to help bring the day’s insights on both innovation and space exploration together. Participants are sure to leave with a revitalized focus and ideas to improve innovation efforts at their own enterprises.

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