Sales Teams Adapt & Reinvent

Frost & Sullivan is excited to announce our Monthly Webinar Week Series, complimentary to you. Daily, at 11:00am EDT, Monday July 20th through Thursday, July 23rd, we will present a 45-minute webinar to help sales teams adapt and reinvent. These webinars will help inspire leadership teams to reinvigorate sales and growth strategies during these turbulent times.

The Sales Teams Adapt & Reinvent Webinar Week will feature leading industry thought leaders sharing their insight and use cases on organizations taking on the very real challenges sales teams are facing at this moment in time. Now more than ever, the ability to adapt to all that has and will continue to change is paramount. We’ve got four fantastic sessions on deck for you, on some very timely sales issues, so please mark your calendars now. Here are four compelling reasons why these webinars will be worth your time:

1. You need to engage your customers creatively and differently now, and we’ll show you how

The Future of Customer Engagement will shed light on where customer engagement is heading. On Monday, July 20, 2020 Mark Dean, Chief Strategy Officer, Legal Breeze, Former Head of Sales Development, LinkedIn will discuss why, in the post-COVID-19 world, sales professionals must explore new ways of capturing the hearts and minds of customers and prospects. He will explore how technology can enable sales teams to forge meaningful relationships with customers, feed the pipeline, and secure business.

Key take-aways will include:

  • Best practices for leveraging technology to enable/enhance engagement with prospects
  • Insight on helping sales, marketing, and product teams (aka “The Value Chain”) strategize, prioritize and plan in a virtual environment
  • Tips on building “virtual trust” between sales professionals and customers

2. You’ll discover new ways to screen, hire and train your sales team in the current crisis

Learn new sales strategies at Three Perspectives for Hiring, Onboarding and Training Successful Sales Teams In The Wake Of Covid-19. On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, John Ruggles, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Frost & Sullivan, will take advantage of this opportunity to learn from sales leaders, benefit from peer to peer knowledge sharing and plan for the unprecedented sales horizon ahead a discussion about why, in the world of COVID-19, sales leaders must find new ways to effectively hire, onboard, train, and develop sales talent that succeeds in an at-home and virtual sales environment.

Key take-aways will include:

  • Guide to identifying and securing the “right talent” for the virtual sales environment
  • Tips and tricks for helping sales and client facing teams ‘adapt and thrive’
  • Approaches and tactical ways of operating so client engagement stays on track

3. We’ll show you how to sell and operate even more efficiently

Discover new and best practices for Streamlining for Success – Leveraging Covid-19 Best Practices for Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness. On Wednesday, July 22, 2020 Robert Beattie, Vice President, Sales, Tax & Accounting Professionals Mid/Small Firms, Thomson Reuters, will explore how organizations can audit how they operate, streamline processes and operations to become more efficient and effective as the economy begins to recover from the pandemic.  In this period of disruption, which changes are tactical, and which will be strategic with lasting impact on business practices in the future?

Key take-aways will include:

  • Insight on what you can be doing now as a leader to evolve into the Post-COVID-19 world
  • Examples of how you can apply the learnings about your organization and apply it to the future state
  • Tactical action items to enhance and make your strategy happen

4. We’ve got key best practices for selling in tough times

Don’t miss Looking Ahead: Three Best Practices for Driving Revenue in the New Normal. John Ruggles, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Frost & Sullivan will moderate a panel of thought leaders and explore why competition is poised to skyrocket as organizations attempt to recover the revenue lost in the wake of the pandemic. This will open up new issues for teams selling in tough times, including willingness to discount, price competition, and lowering the price of products and services without killing the value of the product.

Key take-aways will include:

  • Tips and tricks for creating an attitude of flexibility with your customers in order to build longer-term relationships
  • Guide to retaining revenue despite top-line losses
  • Insight on identifying which products to sell now, and how those decisions can drive revenue after the pandemic is over

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from sales leaders, benefit from peer to peer knowledge sharing and plan for the unprecedented sales horizon ahead. Visit to access and learn more.