Innovation and Smart Thinking Being Used in States Running Their Own HIX

by Patrick Riley 22 Aug 2013
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The 16 states and District of Columbia are cranking up their efforts to encourage millions to enroll in their insurance marketplaces come this October. The marketplaces created as a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are the integral component of healthcare reform designed to expand healthcare insurance coverage to uninsured people.

California has hired two national PR firms, Weber Shandwick and Ogilv to promote their Covered California concept. Connect for Health Colorado is following a process used by Massachusetts in 2007 by showing informational videos during the Colorado Rockies baseball games. Connecticut is opening 9 brick-and-mortar stores that resemble Apple stores to push their Access Health CT marketplace. One of the most provocative examples of commitment to the exchanges is being demonstrated by New York, who unveiled yesterday their New York State of Health campaign complete with Billy Joel music and lyrics.

Beyond these few examples, each of the 16 states has taken the task at hand seriously and is professionally developing well thought out campaigns and strategies to bring health insurance to millions who go without it. It makes one wonder, if the Supreme Court had not left the execution of the health insurance exchanges to individual states and rather required each state to do so, by law, how much further we would be along. And how many more lives would be provided access to healthcare services.

I will continue to write on this very important topic daily and you can follow me on Twitter @Patrick_FrostHC. I welcome your comments and dialogue as this all important chapter of American healthreform and policy unfolds.

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