HHS Looking for Answers to Fix Website

by Patrick Riley 10 Oct 2013
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In just a little over a week HHS officals are commenting that they have "fixed" the most damaging Website glitches and outages. Repairs include increasing server capacity and almost hourly software updates in a rabid attempt to stem the tide of criticism and consumer angst. is the URL that 36 states are using concurrently to enroll new lives using approved health plans in each state. These states are also the ones who elected to not establish and manage their own online health insurance marketplaces, also referred to as exchanges.

Using terms like "overstressed" and moving eligibility and enrollment functions to dedicated servers, HHS claims to have eased the big-data choke when large numbers are all trying to access the site simultaneously. They, HHS, alleges that wait times have been drastically reduced and according to their Web analytics, more and more people are logging on. HHS has yet to provide enrollment figures for the federal marketplace (36 states).

In states that did elect to establish their own insurance marketplaces, the ride appears to be a little less rocky. Covered California has had 987,440 unique visitors to their site since October 1 through October 5th. Some 43,000 applications are underway in California and 27,305 partially complete.

Washington state's exchange, reports logging 165,332 unique visitors, more than 10,000 applications and 9,452 actual completed enrollments as of Monday of this week. And lastly, Kentucky, considered by some to have the best streamlined and functional online portal for health insurance has screened 173,000 people for coverage. Of these, 18,351 have completed the application. As of Wednesday of this week, Kentucky also announced 8,462 individual coverage enrollees were recorded as of 11:00 AM Wednesday, the 9th.

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