Zienst Creating New Culture for Fix and Beyond

by Patrick Riley 12 Nov 2013
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With less than 30 days to make good on his public promise to "fix" the floundering federal Website, Jeffrey Zienst is gaining ground and changing the culture at HHS, CMS, and with the Obama administration. Known for his ability to quickly size up technology and organizational conundrums and find solutions, Zienst is consolidating effort and riding herd over daily menus and agendas that need fixing. Originally overwhelmed with the magnitude of the problems, Mr. Zienst quickly mapped out a process and removed and moved bodies out of the way to find solutions. Mr. Chao who was the federal technology oversight point man is out, although still there, and Zienst has formed tight teams with specific daily lists of items to fix reporting directly back to him.

This is a far cry from the bureaucratic tabloid approach used earlier. Zienst has brought in talent from Google, Oracle, and CGI and released some engineers who had developed the thousand mile stare having worked continuously for weeks since the October 1 launch failed with such totality. Progress is slow, as one glitch fixed revelas 7 more discovered in the course of a 24 hour day leading some insiders to be skeptical of the looming November 30 deadline for reachng the digital promised land for online health insurance.

I question why he chose to make such a bold prediction so early on. And why was not someone of Zienst capabilities recruited and assigned 3 years ago? Time is ticking as Republicans beam in private over the new found political windfall advatage that this fiasco has given them. No one remembers the near federal budget default and capitulation and Senator Ted Cruz anymore. What is in the forefront is Secreatry Sebelius and the President ducking and bobbing issues confronting them both over how in the world this catastrophy of a federal program roll-out could possibly have happened in the first place. Both have apologized to the American people and to Congress. And the bad news just keeps coming for them both on what it seems to be for them the "mother of all" disasters, politically. and the now questionable future of the Affordable Care Act, which President Obama is basing the lion share of Presidency on.

There will be much more drama unfolding over the next few days and it remains to be seen if Thanksgiving will usher in true hope for climbing out of this mess for the President and Ms. Sebelius or if December 1 is merely a "groundhog day" repeat of October 1. Bill Murray get ready for a Saturday Night Live skit.

You can follow my writings on healthcare reform and the online insuranc marketplaces on Twitter @Patrick_Frost HC.

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