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Growth Team Membership™ 2012 Corporate Development Priorities Survey: The Story of Effective M&A

Published: 12 Mar 2012

Frost & Sullivan's Growth Team Membership™ (GTM) recently completed its 2012 survey of corporate development executives. The respondents were asked to identify their most pressing challenges for 2012.  GTM will focus its best practices research to address the prominent issues identified in the survey.

Corporate Development in 2012 - A Snapshot

  • The key internal challenge for corporate development executives is aligning acquisition strategy with the corporate strategy
  • Most of the internal challenges facing respondents are caused by understaffing and a lack of alignment on common objectives
  • In comparison to 2011, budgets and staffing levels will remain unchanged in 2012
  • The majority of companies rely on ad hoc integration teams
  • Acquisition integration teams begin planning during the due diligence phase
  • Gaining new capabilities is the primary driver behind M&A activities in 2012

2012 Corporate Development Survey Executive Summary

It comes as no surprise to learn that corporate development executives are focusing on the challenges associated with M&A. Specifically, respondents' face challenges with early-stage M&A activities such as aligning acquisition strategy with the corporate strategy, target identification, and balancing risk across a portfolio of acquisition opportunities. In addition to M&A issues, major challenges lie in assessing the strategic fit of the businesses in the company's portfolio and finding relevant strategic partners. Corporate development executives will, however, be expected to overcome these problems without additional resources - budgets and staffing are expected to stay the same in 2012.

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