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Appointment of Todd Raba as new CEO of GridPoint, Inc - A crucial turn for the company and the enterprise energy management solutions industry

by Konkana Khaund 17 Oct 2013
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This morning’s announcement from GridPoint, Inc. regarding the appointment of new CEO Todd Raba certainly ushers in some positive changes not only for the company, but for the enterprise energy management market itself.

Since Peter Corsell founded GridPoint in 2003, the company has witnessed CEO changes periodically, each marking a forward shift in strategy, market positioning and growth for GridPoint. While outgoing CEO John Spirtos’ leadership did help continue the growth story, Raba’s appointment could potentially help initiate the next stage of strategic turnaround for the company in the fast evolving energy management market.

Raba’s experience, both on the consumer and producer side of energy, spans over 30 years, which also includes two Berkshire Hathaway Inc. companies - Johns Manville and MidAmerican Energy Company. This, and a successful stint as board member with GridPoint, prior to taking charge as CEO, does provide him an edge in steering the company to its next phase of growth, innovation and expansion. To start with, his hands-on experience in the energy sector, renewables, operational experience, and past engagement with the housing and building construction sectors are all assets that, needless to say, will be advantageous to his new role with GridPoint.

The energy management solutions market is expected to register double digit growth consistently over the next decade. However, solutions in the area of home and enterprise energy management are far from being comprehensive, with the exception of a few. GridPoint’s data-driven solution, as per Frost & Sullivan’s continued evaluation, is by far one of the most end-to-end solution available to consumers at present.

Under Raba’s leadership, the industry should expect to see further innovations leading to enhanced robustness in the solution, including advanced algorithms for proactive energy optimization, environmental tracking and carbon conversion. It is most likely that a much anticipated market move into the billing and rate optimization area for the company could come to fruition.

While it is early to predict GridPoint’s expected growth trajectory from today’s announcement, it does make it inevitable that the company’s growth drive is set for some exciting turns ahead. Most importantly, the EMS industry players should watch out, and plan for some competitive disruptions ahead for themselves.

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