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“Video is the King” says Huawei at MWC 2017

by Jonas Zelba 09 Mar 2017
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Frost & Sullivan has attended Huawei’s pre-Mobile World Congress 2017 analyst briefing in London, where Huawei discussed ROADS to New Growth. One of the key points of discussion were what is next for telecom operators and are the ROADS to New Growth in the telecom industry.

"Huawei will team up with operators to embark on the value-driven ROADS to new growth," said Ken Wang, Global Marketing and Solution Sales President at Huawei. Mr Ken has suggested, that operators’ journey started with “coverage is king” approach and then gradually moved to “bandwidth is king” age. However, “Video is King” Era is coming where many industries and consumers go digital and video services for business, surveillance and entertainment will grow rapidly and create a trillion-dollar market for operators. Whether it is VoD for consumers, smart cities and smart living for surveillance or e-Education and e-Health for businesses, video is becoming a basic capability.

Kunlong Li, director of Huawei’s carrier video business, stressed that with richer 4k content and channels, diversified video devices, experience is becoming a key differentiator for operators and network bandwidth and latency was never as critical as now. In addition, consumers are also willing to pay more for better video experience.  Finally, Huawei has showcased 5 key offerings to support video business for operators and position itself as “the real business partner for operators”, assuring that “only when the carriers grow can Huawei grow”.

Video services topic is particularly relevant in the Middle East telecom market. With dropping revenues and “price wars” in the region, operators are extensively looking for new revenue streams and key differentiators to stand out from the competition. In addition, video streaming in the GCC is particularly high with Saudi Arabia begin the biggest user of YouTube per capita in the world. 

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