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Compliance and Social Media: Time to Pay Attention

by Melanie Turek 21 May 2010
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I’m currently doing a series of road shows for Siemens, in which we’re speaking with people around the country about the value of unified communications. When I ask customers about the biggest challenges they face when it comes to deploying UC, one of the top answers is “compliance.” This is especially true, obviously, in regulated industries, but it also applies to any organization that may someday face e-discovery as part of a lawsuit—which is pretty much everyone.

Well, as social media enters the enterprise, it, too, becomes a compliance headache. With more than 50 percent of companies using social media for marketing, sales, branding and collaboration, more data and intellectual property is at risk.

But there are ways for companies to get a handle on the issue. FaceTime Communications has just released new controls for managing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for compliance and e-discovery purposes as part of its Unified Security Gateway technology. The technology allows posts to be pre-approved, logged and archived, or blocked if they don’t meet company policies. As a user posts a message to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the software intercepts the message and notifies the user that his content will be posted only upon approval by the moderator. All traffic, both inbound and outbound, can also be scanned for confidential or restricted content ensuring that the use of social media in the workplace is not creating a backdoor for confidential and business-critical data to leak out.

Meanwhile, if you need more proof that social media is changing the way we communicate, and do business, check out this YouTube video. It might just change the way you think.

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Comments (2)

By  SpringBoard Atlantic

29 Jun 2010 08:06

The answer is not in technologies, like FaceTime, but in changing organizational culture. An internetworked world demands new management models. Frameworks like Wirearchy, provide some guidance: "a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority based on information, knowledge, trust and credibility, enabled by interconnected people and technology".

Harold Jarche

By  Donald Savant
Research Analyst, Growth Team Membership

24 May 2010 09:47

Great point Melanie! Compliance is very important. As you stated, "With more than 50 percent of companies using social media for marketing, sales, branding and collaboration, more data and intellectual property is at risk." Through social media, anyone that blogs, post, or tweets more or less becomes a "face" of a company. Companies and executives that I have spoken with in regards to social media also mention getting involved with an organization like The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) for guidance on compliance and social media. The controls that you mention being offered by FaceTime Communications sound like they could help ease the worry of marketing executives over putting the fate of a company in the hands of a trusted few.

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