Frost & Sullivan Market Insight   Published: 15 Nov 2001
CMS Smiles on Bell ID
Date Published: 15 Nov 2001
By Anoop Ubhey, Smart Card Industry Analyst

Last month Bell ID claimed another scalp in the card management system (CMS) market. Bell ID believes their ANDiS CMS software is the best ‘engine’ to drive any national ID card scheme. It is clear that national ID schemes have been boosted since the terrorist attacks in the US back in September 2001.
ANDiS' flexibility makes it suitable for inclusion within any consortium of IT infrastructure, database, biometric and card suppliers that may be brought together to implement a population-wide, multi-application ID card scheme.
ANDiS gained VISA 'Smart Partner' accreditation in 2000, in readiness for the imminent global rollout of new smart card credit cards. This shows its capability to interface with multiple applications, through its development within the global Open Platform business alliance. Many formats of PKI and digital certificate encryption are supported to deliver security of the smart card chip-based data.
Bell ID believes the nature of the system's post issuance personalisation facility, which removes the need to return or replace cards when the chip data is updated or added to is unique in many of its characteristics. Security concerns covered by ID applications such as passport, National Insurance and drivers licence data can be complemented with applications covering the likes of medical history, OAP and student concessions and even credit cards. This delivers a system to empower the cardholder as well as improving personal and national security.
ANDiS based systems have been implemented extensively in Benelux, where Bell ID developed it. Clients include the Dutch government (for armed forces and management of asylum seekers), NATO, banks and an airport.
While Bell ID is showing signs of success in a number of areas, their key focus still remains the national ID/government arena. This has created an image that I believe Bell ID is not overtly happy with. More success in the banking/financial services industries will provide Bell ID with a stronger product image. This is something the company needs to look into and would be a perfect answer to their market critics.