Frost & Sullivan Market Insight   Published: 11 Apr 2002
Movers & Shakers Interview with Dane H. Madsen, CEO
Date Published: 11 Apr 2002

Dane Madsen, a co-founder of, has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since July 2000 and had served as a Director of YellowPages.Com since April of 1996.
Madsen's 20 years of business experience includes senior management positions at the prestigious securities firm of Sutro & Co., Inc. and Internet start-up, Inc. He has held numerous management and business development positions in NYSE Member firms since 1981. He was an Allied Member of the NYSE from 1994 to 1996 and served on the Board of Directors of an NYSE Member firm. Madsen has been associated with the NASD as a Chair arbitrator since 1992.
Madsen is active in several industry related organizations including the Kelsey Organization, the Yellow Pages Publishers Association, the Association of Directory Marketers, and CORE, a coalition dedicated to raising the standards of Internet directory web sites and the services they offer.
Madsen and his wife, who reside in Henderson, Nevada, are involved in several local community groups and are active children's rights advocates.
Frost & Sullivan: Dane, how do you feel about being named "CEO of the Year" for Frost & Sullivan's telecom services group?
Dane Madsen: It's very humbling, and it is certainly could not have happened without credit being given to a broad group of people at I am very touched that you noticed us and have given us credit for this award.
Frost & Sullivan: How do you define leadership from your perspective, and what do you do to lead the employees at
Dane Madsen: I definitely look at leadership as something different than managing. Leadership is about direction and ideas and is a much higher responsibility than simply having authority. It is also about the mission and thinking about it every day. It's not about paychecks and stock options, but it is about grave responsibility for shareholders and employees and the net effects of those things on their families.