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Finally an LED light bulb for under $3..

25 Feb 2016 | by Konkana Khaund
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Finally an LED light bulb for under $3…thanks to Osram Sylvannia as per their latest announcement this morning.

When I wrote this blog back in Oct, 2013 about "Making LEDs affordable to the consumer,” a $3 LED lighting bulb from my local retailer seemed a very distant possibility:


Back then Cree breaking the $10 price barrier and launching their affordable 40-watt equivalent was making news. Or the Walmart GE partnerships for LEDs at $8. 88 caught our attention. Because most of us were already settling for IKEA’s DIY LED products at $10 as attractive options price-wise.

However, during the same time consumers half way around the world were able to buy the same products for $3 or less as I acknowledged in that blog from my own personal experience of buying a LED replacement bulb for that value in India.

But Osram Sylvannia’s latest lineup of 10-year LED lighting options “at cost-effective price points like under $3 for a 60W replacement A19 LED light bulb and under $7.99 MSRP for a BR30 LED light bulb” has got us there in just over two years. And no, this is not some limited time promo, but the regular retail price for consumers as the company readies to make the products available at retailers soon. As stated in their media release “Available now, SYLVANIA A19 LEDs replace 40 and 60 watt (W) traditional bulbs but use only 6W and 8.5W respectively.  They provide instant on lighting, last up to 10 years with a rated life of up to 11,000 hours (L70), and are available in both 2700K (soft white) and 5000K (daylight) color temperatures and singular and in multi-packs.  In addition, the SYLVANIA 10-Year LED Portfolio includes 75W and 100W replacement A19-size LED bulbs….”Full details can be found here:


In my 2013 blog I wrote that I was convinced beyond doubt that no matter how affordable we think we were getting to LED price points, there is still room for more. And that manufacturers need to look at best ways of marrying the technology innovation aspect of LED with smarter manufacturing and channel management to allow consumers to reap the lasting benefit of switching over to LED. That is precisely what led to today’s announcement from Osram Sylvannia. Now let us hope that others like GE, Philips, Cree and their counterparts follow suit so consumers do not have to choose price over quality and energy savings the next time they shop for light bulbs.



Thanks for your blogs, it gives good insight for me on our industry.

Posted by Balaji Anand Sagar | 26 Feb 2016

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