Movers & Shakers Interview with Aaron McCormack and Jeff Prestel

Published: 11 Jun 2008

On June 1 BT Conferencing completed its acquisition of Wire One Communications Inc., a US-based video conferencing products and services specialist firm with operations centers in Denver and London, England.

As part of Frost & Sullivan's extensive coverage of the enterprise communications and collaboration sector principal analysts Dominic Dodd and Roopam Jain took the opportunity of a meeting with Aaron McCormack, CEO of BT Conferencing, and Jeff Prestel, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Wire One, to discuss the upcoming acquisition and get their thoughts on the developing managed video Conferencing and telepresence services space.

CEO of BT Conferencing Aaron McCormack has executive responsibility for the BT global portfolio of audio, web and video Conferencing and collaboration services.

Prior to this role Mr. McCormack held a number of key positions in BT joint ventures – including those with AT&T and MCI - and has worked extensively in sales, service, product marketing and product development. These roles have seen him live and work in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He currently lives in Boston.

Jeff Prestel is Senior Vice President for Sales and Market at Wire One where he heads a team of over 135 sales and marketing associates.

Prior to joining the company in 2004 Mr. Prestel worked with a number of high-tech companies, including NCR and IBM, building over 16 years experience in marketing, product management, sales and sales management.

Dominic Dodd (DD): Aaron, if I may start with you, you have just completed two years as the head of BT Conferencing. Can you give us your view on how the last two years have gone?

Aaron McCormack

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