Movers & Shakers Interview with Don Smith, CEO, Mitel

Published: 15 Oct 2009

By Melanie Turek, Industry Principal, Frost & Sullivan

Melanie Turek: Hi, my name's Melanie Turek and I'm an Industry Principal at Frost & Sullivan, and I'd like to thank you for joining us for our conversation with Mitel CEO Don Smith. I've got a few questions we wanted to ask Don today, and the first one is, you have a philosophy that is "if change is inevitable, drive it."

So how does that apply to Mitel's business in the communications industry?

Don Smith (DS): Well, thanks Melanie. First of all, in life it's a lot easier and more rewarding to accept change, understand the implications of it, and get on for the ride and take advantage of that change, than it is to push back against it. So at Mitel that's been an evolution that started with digital telephony moving to IP communications, and now is all about recognizing that we are actually a software business, and all the value we provide to our customers is in our software solutions, both in our Communications Director call control, and  in the applications associated with it. Also, we really need to understand what customers expect from us in managing change. Clearly if change is inevitable, businesses need a graceful way to embrace the change themselves. They need simplicity, they need an ability to easily evolve in that change, and they need flexibility, for example to deal with various and evolving economics, or with different geographic footprints operating in their business.

Melanie Turek (MT): Right. So of course one of the biggest changes we've seen in this industry is around unified communications. That's a term that, if you ask 10 different people you'll get 10 different answers on what it means. How does Mitel define unified communications, and does that mesh with how your customers are defining it to you?

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