Near Field Communication and the Trusted Service Manager Connection

Published: 21 Dec 2009

Near Field Communication – The Hype

Often heard but seldom seen by the end user, Near Field Communication or NFC for short; is a short distance contactless communication protocol riding on existing mobile phone technology. Mobile handsets, currently regarded as the most widely adopted and indispensable electronic gadget to billions of end users worldwide, combines with contactless smart card technology expanding the possibilities of both. While NFC leverages on the highly developed and accelerating technology implemented within mobile handsets; the mobile handsets has found a new application, one that might very well, in time to come, considered to be equally as indispensable.

Perhaps the greatest attraction of this up-and-coming technology resides in the potential profit to all participating organization parties by means of new revenue streams, increased revenue and even more so, potential new markets.

Potentials and Possibilities

Examples of such potential include NFC posters – a new dimension to advertising that allows end users to download information from such posters to their handsets allowing them to store information that interests them whilst advertisers reach out to a previously unavailable demographic angle. Technology enthusiasts may spur new markets by means of end user developed applications which, drawing a parallel to internet applications, have the potential to discover a killer application. Inter-mobile handset functions have a strong possibility of being driven on all levels of society; from young demographic viral applications (such as games, instant messaging and so forth) to corporate level data transactions (name card exchange, organizer applications and so forth). Though the possibilities are virtually limitless, all of this however is mainly based on the idea that uptake be mainly driven by the convenience and versatility offered to end users; whereby uptake has been relatively slow.

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